Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 4 past DUE DATE!

This was yesterday's video....I've been so busy with meetings, appointments, blogging, making videos, doctor's appointments, and my list could keep going I'm a little behind......ha ha ha
BUT HERE is the video I've been working on since yesterday....
I still need to put the dishes away, do laundry....I still have unpacking to do...I need to upload one more video and I need to type one more blog!
ha ha I hope I don't go into labor yet!

Here's the video.......I can't wait for us all to see baby cupcake!!!!

I am so humbled and honored to feel all the love you guys send my way....I hope that you can just feel a fraction of the love I have for you too! Thank you for being my kandee family...! Can't wait for our cupcake to get here! xoxo kandee


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