Friday, January 7, 2011

How to live like a Princess!

Princess Tiara's and Perfume....
this is Alani's little princess dresser....wafts of perfume began filling up the hallway...
and my proud princess came out telling me how she sprayed a mixture of her perfumes!
I bought my mom VERA WANG princess for her birthday or Christmas...and I don't think she liked it so much...because she gave it to Alani! ha ha ha
very soon after princess shows up...she puts her tutu on...her plastic cinderella glass slippers...a clip in tiara...and we're ready for the day (or to build a lego something!)
this style pony tail is what we call the "palm tree"...because it makes it look like a Palm Tree on your head! ha ha ha
and since I've started typing this...she has already changed from this, into her Christmas Santa dress..with the tutu still on, ofcourse!
tutu's, tiara's...and perfume....kandee


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