Monday, January 10, 2011

Morning Hair and a few of my favorite things...

Fuzzy the morning...photographer: Alani (my 5 year old artiste & tea party proprietor)
my pink cup at the Tea Party Restaurant...and my handsome guest...Blakey
Our pink polka dot, jammie, clad waitress...serving us more tea...and she even brought her Dora the Explorer Lego piece that plays Dora music...for us to enjoy as we ate.
And my two little lovies, enjoying some Matt's Cookies, I get them at Whole Foods..and they are amazing!
THESE ARE A FEW THINGS IN MY KITCHEN (besides my precious babies), that make me HAPPY!
I love these glasses! They are like candy drops of sunshine! I bought them at TJ MAX (a store with discounted random nothing is ever the same..which means I can't go back and buy more! ha ha) I was  a little sad when yesterday one of the glasses fell in the sink and broke in two! As my great grandma Nellie would say, "greater things have been lost!" ha ha ha

Kitchen-Aid in Buttercup!
I even love the name of the color...BUTTERCUP!!!
I love baking things....pretty much sweets...cupcakes, cakes, cookies, biscuits....I even helped my mom with her wedding cake business she had years ago...(the one wedding cake I did on my own...slid into the side of my car and got all smashed as I pulled it out of the back of my car at the wedding site, the whole top was smeared! I fixed it and told them not to pay me anything because I felt so bad!...LAST WEDDING CAKE I EVER MADE! ha ha ha)
And I am SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to have a Kitchen-Aid! And in this yellow-y, butter color! I will be whipping up homemade batches of whipped cream every night! ha ha ha And keep on the lookout for more baking recipes and/or videos!

Off to go clean, try to make a new video, blog on my other blog,, and try to tackle my huge list of to-do' and fax a bunch of paperwork (yuck!)...and do 38 more loads of laundry! ha ha ha
whipped cream and tea parties...kandee


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