Sunday, January 2, 2011

My baby!

Jordan..who now is taller than me..and is about to turn 14 in February...will always be my baby!
He is the most handsome guy. He is sweet and so funny...and for being smart, his IQ is off the charts!
(Jordan traveling with mama, to a glaminar)
Last night we had so much fun together...he made me laugh as we walked though Target...
then when we got home...even though it was late (well it was Saturday night!)...
we played Sorry! (the board game, that he said we needed to buy because I would love it!)....i was doing horribly...and he kindly didn't send me back to start a couple times..ha ha ha...but he kept telling me.."you could still win mom!"...and even though I didn't have one pawn on the board yet...I ended up winning! ha ha ha
Then I went and watched him play Xbox Kinect...which was takes pictures of you jumping in the air and moving around all crazy....
we laughed so hard as we looked at the pictures...and favorited the best ones!

I told him how much fun I had with him...I am so proud of him. He is kind and funny, so sweet....and he has been my sidekick for almost half my life!
There is nothing that will ever change my love for this precious baby...he means the world to me.
He was my first precious baby....his smile lights up my heart! And I am so glad he loves me so much too!
me and my Jordan at Disneyland....I'm not sure who we were looking at or talking to...but we both have weird, doubtful looks on our faces! (like mother, like son!) ha ha ha ha  Maybe we were listening to unwanted restaurant "lunch" request! ha ha ha ha

HUGS and man, I wish we were at Disneyland today.....kandee


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