Friday, August 31, 2012

Lil Miss Sailor

I am guilty of loving all things vintage. I love all sailor-y things. And if you ever saw the Popeye movie with Robin Williams- this looks like an outfit that baby, Sweet Pea would wear.

And if  you made a mad dash when Gwen Stefani did her Mini Harajuku line at Target- maybe you scored this sailor dress too! Yes, I heart Target and Gwenny! (i really don't know her well enough to refer to her as Gwenny, I really don't know her at all actually...ha ha ha I wonder if her and I were friends, if I'd call her Gwenny!?)
THE SAILOR HAIR CLIP: with the anchor, I got at some costume place a long time ago. (It's totally the wrong shade of blue to go with the dress, but once I got it out, Ellie was in love and insisted on wearing it- well, for about 2 minutes anyways. The usual length of our "bow wearing".)
 But you could easily make one yourself, just get an anchor button, some ribbon and hair clip and your in bow-business.

I'll give you 2 guesses where I go these....(and it's not Old Navy)...
Yes, I know, I know....but seriously I'm at Target all the time...I go to buy toilet paper and we come home with tp and polka dot boots!
Ellie saw these and wanted to wear them in the store...she fell in love, boots now have a cozy home in her room.
good news: These babies were on clearance!
bad news: I don't know if they have any more for sale!

since putting this dress on Ellie...
I sat outside with her and Blakey to type this...she is still cute, but her dress and her are both a lil' dirtier...guess we need to make an outfit change again! ha ha ha

and I wanna sing..."On the good ship, Lollipop"...

awww it'd be fun to live in the 30's or 40's for a day....
anchors away, your kandee

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Tiny Fashionista...

I love the store Anthropologie...I love just walking in the store and getting inspired.
And this little outfit kinda reminds of of Anthropologie!
SKIRT- We scored Ellie's little skirt at Target, on clearance for $5.

 SWEATER-The sweater is a Target Treasure too- can't remember how much though- it didn't stick in my head like the $5 skirt-deal!
SHOES- Well, they are hand-me-downs from my sister's little girl, but they are silver gladiator sandals from Pediped.
 HEADBAND- now get ready because you're gonna have a cute-attack when you go to their site, I don't know where you can buy the headband, but I just looked at the label and found their site- it's so cute you're gonna need to eat a cupcake or something- MUSTARD PIE

And that is our Ellie-Outfit-Of-The-Day!

big hugs from me and lil' hugs from Ellie, your kandee

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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shoes like candy for your feet....

Alani needed a new pair of sneakers for school, since the flip flops we've been wearing all summer are not so friendly on the "bark" playground!
We spotted these babies in Target, Alani said they fit and were comfy...and they came home with us.
They are called the CIRCO Haven Skate Shoe (click here for link to them).
*they are super cute
*the sole is all rubber (unlike lots of other kids sneakers at Target, that  the sole is part rubber, and then part- this weird, almost fuzzy weird-coated material that is super slippery)
*and Alani said they are really comfy

BONUS: the first day she wore them to school she came home so excited because she said she got "like a million compliments" in them....even from boys she said! It's hard to get boys (and men) to give compliments!
See the power of compliments!

I also saw these babies on Target's website which are so cute- they did not have these cute leopard- stripe shoes at the store! (I don't know if these have rubber soles, since I only saw these online- they might have that afwul half-rubber-half-fuzzy-cheapo stuff on the soles- not sure!)

 and here's some more pics of Alani's new favorite shoe, that she wanted me to take!
 Wise words of advise I once was told:
"As long as you have cute shoes, it can make your whole outfit look cool! And you wear shoes more than you do one piece of clothing!"

candy colored shoes, your kandee

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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I want to ride this bicycle....

No, I don't own this bike. I just love it. I first discovered the Madsen bike when I was reading NieNie Dialogues (bt-dub...I love her and her blog)...and she had one and I was like, "what the hello kitty is that bike to haul all your kids and/or pets/and or anything- me luvs it!"
It's a Madsen bike, and it's awesome!
You see that bucket in the can put up to 4 kids in there- and yes they have seatbelts for each seat.
Or if you lived near the beach you could haul beach chairs, a little cooler, towels, umbrellas...and a couple kids!
Or you could haul your favorite pet too...

It comes in other colors, but if I were to get one, I think I'd get the pink or maybe this light aqua color.

Oh, man....if I was still a kid and had a Christmas wishlist....I'd put this bike on it. ha ha ha

dreaming of bikes like I'm a 5 year old boy...your kandee

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Monday, August 27, 2012

Scented Blow Dryers...

 some people seem to think blow dryers are just for drying your hair...
but my lil' sidekick, Ellie...
was smelling Alani's play blowdryer to see if it was scented! ha ha ha
this was her next to me as I wrote my kandeej blog this morning...
we both laughed so much after this...
she is such a flower of joy in my heart
she is now standing next to me patting my back and singing me a song that goes like this:
dooooooo dooooo
dooooooooooooooooooooooooo" - while she twirls around and then runs into my back! ha ha ha
(I'm typing on the floor)

hugs from me and tiny dancer, singer, and blow dryer smeller...kandee

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Look Who's 19 Months Old!

 Look at those lil' teeth!
this photo was taken this morning
but yesterday, lil miss Ellie, officially turned 19 months old!
ahhhh.... we're getting so close to 2!

 My lil' baby loves babies too. Especially both arms full of babies!
The one of the left is Alani's and the one on the right is her baby.
(if anyone loves the stripey jammies, they're from Under The Nile , sooooo cozy wozy)
Even her serious face is adorable to me!
Oh, I just love her little hands- her lil' hand holding her baby...awwww my mama heart just wants to explode with love!

hugs and lots of baby dolls, your friend Kandee and her getting-big girl, Ellie Bellie Boo Bear

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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cute (and gluten free) Hamburger Cupcakes

I posted a picture on facebook of a hamburger cupcake...
and my cousin, recreated it, gluten free, and chocolate!
I am not only in love with these cupcakes, but the cute cowboy plate too! I asked where she got it, but they were a present from my aunt a long time ago!
AND the best part:
She left some on my kitchen counter for me to try, and they were delicious, super moist, and unless she told me, I never would have guessed they were sans- gluten! (and I've gone to bakeries with gluten-free cupcakes, and they were kinda not so good- but these were delish.
 (this was me in a little bit of heaven, after I took a gigantron bite)



They also make a vanilla in case you want it to look like "lighter" hamburger buns! These might be the "rye" version! ha ha
easy peezy- no huge list of ingredients just follow the bag instructions!

While cupcakes are cooling you can whip up this yummy frosting! After cupcakes are cool, you can remove the cupcake wrappers.

1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup palm shortening
1 tsp vanilla
1 box of powdered sugar (not sure the exact size, but I'm guessing a smallish one- just until the texture looks right)
a little salt until you like the taste
a little Coconut Milk to smooth out the texture until it's how you like it

Mix until it's the dreamy icing texture you like!
Divide into separate bowls for the "ketchup"- red, "mustard"- yellow, and "lettuce"- green and "pattie"- brown.
Add a few drops of food coloring to each icing bowl, mix away.
Cut the cupcakes in half and get ready to decorate however you like your hamburgers to look!
Finish off with a sprinkle of sesame seeds for the "and a sesame seed bun" look!

These were so good- and moist and delicious I am actually wishing I had another plate full right now!

baking love,  your kandee

PS. a huge thank you to my cousin, Adrienne who took the cutest picture of her super tasty and cute cupcakes so I could share it with you guys- Wish they had "taste-o-vision" for the internet- and for bringing some for me to eat! She's a great cousin!

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Super Smoothie Recipe: even toddlers love

Smoothies are our fav breakfast!
And since even Ellie (my healthnut, in training) loves them, I thought I'd share her favorite with you:

We will call it our:
 Toddler Baby Kid Friendly Ellie Loves It Smoothie
*this recipe will make enough for 2 little smoothies and one for mama (Alani and Jordan already had breakfast and were at school when we made these!)

*I use all organic stuff, because I don't want to eat the bug sprays and not good stuff that's in conventional fruit & veggies. But you can use whatever you like.
 1/2 cup frozen blueberries
 1 cup So Delicious coconut milk (you can use regular milk if you like)
1/2 So Delicious Coconut Milk Vanilla Yogurt
1 scoop of Plant Fusion Vanilla Bean Protein Powder
1 banana
1 individual pack of Sambazon Frozen Acai (the regular one, not the unsweetened one- just one of the packs that come inside the bag- you get 4 in a bag)
1 handful of baby or regular spinach
2 large leaves of Lacinato Kale- it looks like this....
(it's "sweeter" than other types of kale- and loaded with nutrients-you can use as much as you want, but my kids start to make faces if I use more than this! ha ha)

BLEND IT ALL TOGETHER in a blender until it's smooth and a yummy purple color. There shouldn't be any green chunks or pieces, it should just be all smoothe ans a smoothie should be!
 I have a VitaMix which I love and use every day, it probably my most used kitchen tool!

And here's my Smoothie Fan, Blaker, who not only finished all his, but asked if he the extra left over in the blender!

And Ellie finished almost all her bottle full- we only use bottles for smoothies and water! ha ha ha

yummy breakfasts that are full of healthy goodness are a great way to start your day...

smoothies and morning smiles, your kandee

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

First Day of School-ness

There is no better smell/feeling...than coming home to the smell of something yummy baking.
So before it was time for my first and "eldest" (it's more fun to say eldest, than oldest...try it, you'll see.) to come home from school first....I got some cookies baking in the oven.

I wanted them to smell the yumminess, and feel the love that mama baked them something from her heart to welcome them home with.
Alani and her Hello Kitty backpack (we got it from VANS, but we really wish they had put some side pockets for water bottles).

As soon as everyone was safely back home from school...I asked how the first day went:
Did they like their teacher/teachers?
How were the kids?
Any funny things happen?
and the dreaded question...."any homework?"

Since Jordan, came home with his list of school supplies needed for each class.
And I got excited at seeing the Martha Stewart Home Office Supplies...
stick on chalkboard stickers, wipe off pen stickers, organizing trays oh my!
Ellie thought we needed a big pack of green packing peanuts...
Then my cousin invited us over for tacos for dinner. She has a beautiful house with a beautiful kitchen and a beautiful backyard...where we dined on our tacos, and she has a son (also my cousin-ha ha) that happens to be Jordan's good friend/cousin, too.

We walked around her garden, picked some carrots and went home with some garden picked onions and Alani and Blake left with some scooters that the bigger boys had outgrown!
It was a great night.
I haven't really felt up to being around people since my dad left this place, for heaven...but  it was so nice to be around my family that I also have great memories of being with them and my dad, too.
We came home and made school lunches....this grape sandwich was made by Ellie. Weird, no one wanted it for lunch! ha ha ha

I filled Alani's heart with love and compliments after she told me about some kids who laughed at her when she fell. And how unkind that was of them and how sad they'd be if someone laughed at them. And that when other kids laugh or make fun of someone, it shows how little kindness they have in their heart, because someone full of love, would not make fun, but they would encourage and comfort others.

And today she will find a little note of love inside her lunch from mama...
lunch notes of love and hugs, your kandee

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Monday, August 20, 2012

Back-To-School Goodie Boxes & Fun

Last night was....
the Night Before the First Day of School....
And I wanted to make it as fun as I could.
Which were a big hit. Even Jordan, my 15 year old, said they were awesome and thanked me for making things fun.

I went to World Market (a store with cool food, candies, decorations, toys, cooking things, gift wrap, all kinds of cool stuff from all over the world, that's really cool and not very expensive)...and got these cute little polka dot "take-out" style boxes...
while I was there I picked out some fun treats for the kids...nothing like, oh here's some school supplies, just fun treats like:
Violet Crumble (an amazingly delicious candy from Nestle that you don't really see here in the US, except for places like World Market- it's seriously so incredibly delicious!)
here's a peek into Jordan's BTSGB (back-to-school-goodie-box ha ha ha, that didn't even help, because I typed it out):
BEEF JERKY MILK CHOCOLATE BAR (because he loves both of those)- he said, "I might even use the word decadent to describe how this tastes!"
DIGI-CAMO DUCT TAPE - because he loves duct tape just as much as I do and I know he'll find a cool use for it.
SPITFIRE SKATE TOOL- because he needed a skate tool. He was really excited I got him one!
 Here is another picture of all the goodie boxes...just wanted them to be filled with fun lil' treasures of love and tasty-ness.
Alani's had a girl-treat too:
A BANANA CREAM OLD FASHIONED JUMBO LIP BALM- which we both love ALL of TREAT'S jumbo lip balms...Alani loved it!!!

We opened these after we had dinner- Sloppy Joe Chimichangas (it's my own creation- but is yummy!)...
Then I made everyone's lunches...
I hope Jordan likes his Curry Chicken Sandwich- I made his spice-say!
Everyone got grapes and other stuff I won't bore you with typing about.

Earlier we went to In-N-Out and Blake made this face.
His favorite, curl your lower lip down and make your tongue look like it's your upper lip- this is always good for a laugh, because it's funny that your tongue really can look like your upper lip! ha ha
And after we got Jordan's skate tool at the skate shop...Blake just put the stickers he got, on his shirt- not on anything you would normally put stickers on... and he just said, "my shirt doesn't have anything on it, so I put my stickers on it"
 and Ellie made this face....ha ha ha
even when she looks bored, I think she is adorable!...Alani is behind her in her In-N-Out hat.
We got jammies on, brushed and flossed teeth, picked outfits out for school...Alani will be wearing her fancy holiday dress...then we listened to the Heavenly Lullaby station on Pandora so everyone would get all cozy and relaxed.
We all cozied on the bed so I could read them Good Night Moon (one of our favs)...tucked everyone in, sprinkled them with loving words and they all fell fast asleep...

and now we are off and ready for the first day of school year 2012-13....
huge and goodie boxes, your kandee

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back To School Party Shopping

 Who: me
Where: Whole Foods
Photographer: Alani, my little photographer who also took a bunch of pictures when I didn't know she was taking pictures...they were kinda' funny pictures of random people we didn't know and some ones of me talking...ha ha ha I deleted them because my phone was running out of storage for the gabillionth time

We headed to Whole Foods so we could pick up some extra food goodies for school lunches (which will start next week) and the ingredients to make my our favorite yummy cupcakes- we will be making "back to school cupcakes" for our back-to-school-dinner-party to make the night before back to school, fun and wrap them full of love as they head of to school...

I had to take a picture of these adorable backpacks....that monkey backpack is too cute! (I have no idea who makes them, but they were just adorable on the endcap in Whole Foods!)
It is late....everyone's asleep except me....I'm off to sleep...happy saturday everyone....hugs and lots of love and cupcakes, your kandee

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Me and Mr Bear on A Date....

 Me and Mr. Bear.....look like we're on a date...ha ha ha ha
(this photo was courtesy of my oldest lil princess, Alani, as we waited in line at the Ice Cream Parlor- yes, I love that they call it an Ice Cream PARLOR- it sounds so fun!)

We all needed an outdoor adventure we went for a bike ride to get some ice cream, then to play at the beach...

This was the "kids size" ice cream cone- it's like the size of 5 normal ice cream scoops! Alani and Blake stay true to tradition and get bubble gum. I got a rootbeer float, but it wasn't very I just took a few bites.

Here's a blurry picture, that I think was an can see Alani getting ready to mount up on good ol' Princess bike...and my ride and "bike trailer" attached!
 Ellie's favorite thing to do was to come put sand in my mom's hands...ha ha ha ha
We danced and clapped to the live music from a band that was playing....
songs that made me want to cry, because they reminded me of my dad...but instead, as I fought back tears, God flowed joy through me, joy that my dad would have had at hearing those songs, listening to the music and laughing with all the babies...
As we ate dinner, Alani got really quiet...and when I asked her what was wrong, she said, "I miss grampa"...I swallowed hard and tried not to cry. I said, "I know honey, I miss grampa too....What was your favorite memory with grampa?", I asked her quickly...and as she began to tell me, a sad little Blakey said, "I miss grampa too.....".... I think we all had been missing "grampa" (my dad)...and as we talked about our fun memories of my dad...and Blakey sang the song we were singing with my dad, as he drove us to the airport, which would be the last time we'd see him here on Earth, just days before I would get the news of my dad, I tried hard not to cry again. My dad always made everything fun, even our last time we saw him was filled with laughing and singing.

My dad would have loved to be with us today...he was in our thoughts and will always be in our hearts...everyday, every second...
I'll hold each memory in my heart as a precious treasure until the day I get to see my dad in heaven.

My dad always said, "you're makin' memories"...and we will keep making joyful memories, because my dad loved to make happy memories...and I'm so blessed to have those as treasures in my heart. If you've lost a loved one...keep making memories, joyful memories in their honor!

huge hugs and giant ice cream cones, your kandee

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The GLAM-est High Chair You've Ever SEEN!

You and your baby can drool over this high chair!
These highchairs are so cool...if you don't even have a baby yet, you may want to remember these babies for when you do!

It's no wonder that P Diddy and Trace Adkins have these high chairs up in their cribs- because these are hands down the most glam-wow-i-wish-i-had-one-highchairs-i've-ever-seen!

AHHHHH.... you can get the ivory and leopard or the distressed black and leopard. Now of course they make other fabrics and finishes, but these are the two I love- you know me and my affinity for leopard print.
 Think of the glamorous meals we would have eaten...or how glamorous we would have felt with baby food all over the both of us- this high chair would still make you feel fancy pants!
Oh, if you actually want to make this your real high chair- or if you have a relative that wants to buy you s super fancy gift- out this baby on your list! And the tray part even comes off later and it can adapt to their growth like it's a normal chair too! How awesome are these!?!

These high chairs are works of art and craftmanship...they may be pricey, but for the work that went into them and the fact that these could become family heirlooms like a precious antique, instead of another baby item made of plastic that will fade, crack and break and isn't so cute- I cheer on this company making pieces of fine craftsmanship! (some days I wish I lived in a another decade- long ago- when everything made was filled with detail and art!)

You can get one or see all the other ones here:

If I could fit in this chair, I would use it after the tray came off at my desk! ha ha ha ha

glam-lama-high-chairs, your kandee

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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh S'mo You Didn't....

Yesterday...was just one of those days...
You know, one of those days where more things seem to go wrong than right.
I won't bore you all with the list of "not so fun" or messy things that happened...
but I knew I had to end the day with a BANG of wonderfulness!

After it took me way longer than it should have to make dinner- Carbonara Pasta....where one of my little loves I was cooking for, dumped a whole bowl of parmesan cheese all over the table, her, and the floor...ha ha ha ha

I decided we would go to the store to get some ice cream...
we went and bought Ben & Jerry's S'Mores and Creme Brulee...
We liked the S'mores a bit more...and we could each only eat a few bites because it's kinda really, chocolatey.

Then we watched Alpha and Omega- an animated movie about wolves- it was cute, but kinda weird.
But the great part was we all cuddled up on the couch with our jammies and blankets.
Ellie fell asleep cozied in my arms....and is was a great way to end a day, cuddled with all my lovebugs on the couch....

I'm off to make today much better! ha ha ha
hugs and semi-full pints of S'mores Ice Cream in the freezer, kandee

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crafternoon with The Wild Man

 I love spray painting things, even when my finger get sore from pressing the nozzle. Graffiti artists must have the strongest pointer fingers in the world.

Yesterday, after one of my favorite smells in all the world- "after the rain" smell....and our trip to buy lunch boxes, well really lunch bags, at Target...
and we made a stop down the baby aisle because Ellie had to see how a toy worked....
we had to have a "CRAFTERNOON".....
I busted out some crafty stuff I wanted to make-over, spray paint, masking tape, paper bags...and my little helpers came to watch and play with toys while I painted....
my favorite was Blake, who went to his room  and came back outside and "The Wild Bouncy Man"....

He put some jeans that were supposed to be in his "give away because they're too small" pile, on, a long sleeve shirt, Jordan's old BMX Chest Protector, his super-furry winter hat, his bouncy ball, and was beeping away with Jordan's old sound effects creator!

It was really hot outside too!

I shall show you my Crafternoon projects when they are finished...I still need to paint some more!

Hope you can make some time for a fun CRAFTERNOON too! It is so good for the soul sometimes!

hugs and spraypaint, kandee

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Monday, August 13, 2012

Gettin Ready for Back To School Craft Time, baby!

 I have a few ideas for "back to school organization" I headed on over to a little bit of happiness, known as Michael's Craft Store.....
I also like that I cut the "T" off, so it looks like "He Arts and Craft Store".
As you can see I bought, glitter tape, a giant paint brush, some letters for the kids initials, some polka dot goodies....and more, but I couldn't fit in all in the picture....
BUT....if my project comes out semi-like-i-envision-it.....
I will be posting my "back-to-school-craftiness" for sure.

I'm trying to design an "after-we-come-home-from-school"- where to put homework, backpacks, all the papers they send home...and have a "back to school dinner party" for my precious ones headed to school!

And if you have a Michael's near you, you have to get the Michael's App for your phone...there is a coupon there time with the sale in the store and the 40% coupon on my app, I got like 90% off- it was almost free! ha ha ha ha (I somehow had accidentally deleted my app, and had to was waiting for it to hurry up and download in line yesterday- ha ha ha)

Apps and Crafts, kandee

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Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY Pants + Shorts = Shants or Ports

Now you may have children or you may not.
Either way, this will be useful to store in the ol' noggin.

As I was going through Blake's clothes because he is a growin guy...
we found most all his pants are too short to keep up with his growing legs.

turn those pants into SHANTS (shorts + pants = shants)
You can make them any length...but we opted for the "right below the knee" cut.

pants that are too short but still fit in the waist erea

My techinique- and you totally don't have to do what I did at all-
I cut one leg.
Then flipped that bad boy over onto itself and you can see in lower left side.
And cut leg #2 to be even with leg #1
And voila!
Shorts, Shants, Ports, whatever you want to call them....
we are squeezing a little more bang for our buck out of these jeans.
And it just so happens that "shorts" like this, are still in style...nice.

shants-ing it up, your kandee

Thursday, August 9, 2012

I heart TeePees

Ok, I have to admit- I have been searching high and low for a striped TeePee.
I love these.
And lo and behold, every where I've looked I've landed on sites that say, "out of stock", or "seatching the globe for another item like this"....
but, I've found some stripey tee pee creations that are made by a mama in Australia.

These are one kind objects that have some style and home decor awesome-ness...these are so cute, you may want one even if you don't have kids!

To be honest, I can't decide if I like the red stripe teepee or the black stripe (or maybe I'm wrong and it's probably Navy, ha) one better.
 Maybe you're not feelin' the stripes...hows about some florally something-something....
I know....I know, I'm not so great at sewing, so no....I can't show you how to make one. ha ha ha
Somethings are best left to the experts...
 And I have to tell you, I kinda just fell in love (not in the boy meets girl kinda' way, people!) with Robyn, the maker of these awesome TeePees, after reading her bio- I think we'd be friends if we knew each other. And if you want a teepee and to support a stay-at-home-mama-business- order one of these babies up from the sweet and talented teepee maker, Robyn at

dreaming of curling up in a striped TeePee, with cushions inside so it's all cozy, twinkly light hanging inside and reading stories of adventures with my babies, kandee-pee (ok, that name doesn't sound good)

Yeah, if you're real crafty you could probably make one...but I'm not that great at sewing and I have no way of getting pvc pipe and cutting it...and I like that we can support other mama businesses! I just hope she can ship everywhere people might want to order one from! hee hee or should I say tee hee pee!

Imagingin how we could string our twinkly light inside and make a cushy pillow wonderland inside already...popsicles inside in the summer, and hot chocolate and stories in our tee pee in the living room in winter......

I heart tee peeeeeeeees, kandee-pee (ok maybe that doesn't sound so good...)

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