Monday, August 20, 2012

Back-To-School Goodie Boxes & Fun

Last night was....
the Night Before the First Day of School....
And I wanted to make it as fun as I could.
Which were a big hit. Even Jordan, my 15 year old, said they were awesome and thanked me for making things fun.

I went to World Market (a store with cool food, candies, decorations, toys, cooking things, gift wrap, all kinds of cool stuff from all over the world, that's really cool and not very expensive)...and got these cute little polka dot "take-out" style boxes...
while I was there I picked out some fun treats for the kids...nothing like, oh here's some school supplies, just fun treats like:
Violet Crumble (an amazingly delicious candy from Nestle that you don't really see here in the US, except for places like World Market- it's seriously so incredibly delicious!)
here's a peek into Jordan's BTSGB (back-to-school-goodie-box ha ha ha, that didn't even help, because I typed it out):
BEEF JERKY MILK CHOCOLATE BAR (because he loves both of those)- he said, "I might even use the word decadent to describe how this tastes!"
DIGI-CAMO DUCT TAPE - because he loves duct tape just as much as I do and I know he'll find a cool use for it.
SPITFIRE SKATE TOOL- because he needed a skate tool. He was really excited I got him one!
 Here is another picture of all the goodie boxes...just wanted them to be filled with fun lil' treasures of love and tasty-ness.
Alani's had a girl-treat too:
A BANANA CREAM OLD FASHIONED JUMBO LIP BALM- which we both love ALL of TREAT'S jumbo lip balms...Alani loved it!!!

We opened these after we had dinner- Sloppy Joe Chimichangas (it's my own creation- but is yummy!)...
Then I made everyone's lunches...
I hope Jordan likes his Curry Chicken Sandwich- I made his spice-say!
Everyone got grapes and other stuff I won't bore you with typing about.

Earlier we went to In-N-Out and Blake made this face.
His favorite, curl your lower lip down and make your tongue look like it's your upper lip- this is always good for a laugh, because it's funny that your tongue really can look like your upper lip! ha ha
And after we got Jordan's skate tool at the skate shop...Blake just put the stickers he got, on his shirt- not on anything you would normally put stickers on... and he just said, "my shirt doesn't have anything on it, so I put my stickers on it"
 and Ellie made this face....ha ha ha
even when she looks bored, I think she is adorable!...Alani is behind her in her In-N-Out hat.
We got jammies on, brushed and flossed teeth, picked outfits out for school...Alani will be wearing her fancy holiday dress...then we listened to the Heavenly Lullaby station on Pandora so everyone would get all cozy and relaxed.
We all cozied on the bed so I could read them Good Night Moon (one of our favs)...tucked everyone in, sprinkled them with loving words and they all fell fast asleep...

and now we are off and ready for the first day of school year 2012-13....
huge and goodie boxes, your kandee

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