Thursday, August 16, 2012

The GLAM-est High Chair You've Ever SEEN!

You and your baby can drool over this high chair!
These highchairs are so cool...if you don't even have a baby yet, you may want to remember these babies for when you do!

It's no wonder that P Diddy and Trace Adkins have these high chairs up in their cribs- because these are hands down the most glam-wow-i-wish-i-had-one-highchairs-i've-ever-seen!

AHHHHH.... you can get the ivory and leopard or the distressed black and leopard. Now of course they make other fabrics and finishes, but these are the two I love- you know me and my affinity for leopard print.
 Think of the glamorous meals we would have eaten...or how glamorous we would have felt with baby food all over the both of us- this high chair would still make you feel fancy pants!
Oh, if you actually want to make this your real high chair- or if you have a relative that wants to buy you s super fancy gift- out this baby on your list! And the tray part even comes off later and it can adapt to their growth like it's a normal chair too! How awesome are these!?!

These high chairs are works of art and craftmanship...they may be pricey, but for the work that went into them and the fact that these could become family heirlooms like a precious antique, instead of another baby item made of plastic that will fade, crack and break and isn't so cute- I cheer on this company making pieces of fine craftsmanship! (some days I wish I lived in a another decade- long ago- when everything made was filled with detail and art!)

You can get one or see all the other ones here:

If I could fit in this chair, I would use it after the tray came off at my desk! ha ha ha ha

glam-lama-high-chairs, your kandee

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