Saturday, August 18, 2012

Back To School Party Shopping

 Who: me
Where: Whole Foods
Photographer: Alani, my little photographer who also took a bunch of pictures when I didn't know she was taking pictures...they were kinda' funny pictures of random people we didn't know and some ones of me talking...ha ha ha I deleted them because my phone was running out of storage for the gabillionth time

We headed to Whole Foods so we could pick up some extra food goodies for school lunches (which will start next week) and the ingredients to make my our favorite yummy cupcakes- we will be making "back to school cupcakes" for our back-to-school-dinner-party to make the night before back to school, fun and wrap them full of love as they head of to school...

I had to take a picture of these adorable backpacks....that monkey backpack is too cute! (I have no idea who makes them, but they were just adorable on the endcap in Whole Foods!)
It is late....everyone's asleep except me....I'm off to sleep...happy saturday everyone....hugs and lots of love and cupcakes, your kandee

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