Friday, August 3, 2012

Reef and Hula Dancin' looks like this:

 Ellie enjoying some strawberries at breakfast...and some random ladies feet in the picture. It's always nice to include some random people in your picture..ha ha ha
 Alani and Blake, who's cruisin' like a local boy, down to Local Boys to get a Shave Ice after lunch. He is enjoying his shirtless-ness.
 When we went for a ride on the Reef Dancer- a boat that you get so sit under water and see the reef and divers bring up cool things for you to see like shells, sea urchins and other cool stuff. It's like snorkeling but you don't have to get wet, and the baby can go- but as you can see, Blake, is still enjoying the fact he doesn't need to wear his shirt! ha ha ha
 Ellie looking out the window at the water...
Jordan and Marcus looking out the window too...(Jordan is mine, Marcus is our cousin).
Above was before Luau time....and Below is after:

 Alani and Blaket are up on stage learning the hula along with a stage full of other kids.
 Because 3 straws make you drink your water, wayyyyy faster.

It was delicious and sooooo fun. No one liked the Poi though. But I was a fan of the purple  Sweet Potato!

We off to go get some food before Blakey tries to help me type some more extra letters, your kandee

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