Tuesday, August 7, 2012

This is how we roll....home.

 well, I am sitting at home now...looking at all these pictures to upload and wishing we were still headed to the pool or beach, eating shave ice....
But instead I'm sitting in my living room, doing lots of laundry and cleaning...ha ha ha ha
But above is how I looked in the airport...baby on the front (in her Ergo carrier) , backpack on the back , purse and blankie in hand...and one stray piece of hair crossing my forehead in an unwanted place...bug as you can see my hands were a bit too full to fix some wonky hair! ha ha ha
 We made a stop at Ululani's Shave Ice which is right down the street from the airport- right before we had to go there!
All my littles following Jordan on the "walkavator"- that's what we call it because it sounds kinda fun and kinda like it would be something at the Wonka Factory.

And there was my little sand-crawler...who loved squeezing the sand in her hands...

oh man do I think I'm having shave ice withdrawls...ha ha ha ha

back to doing my laundry I go, love your kandee the laundry queen

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