Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Surfer Boys...

 Awww my boys....
Jordan (mine)...Marcus (our cousin) posing with their boards before they head out to the water, with a happy onlooker, Blakey. They were awesome!
 Not only do I love this picture because it's of my cute lil' Elli, but look at the awesome people in the background- I love how they are like, mid-hug or pure excitement that they are both in the water- kinda like Barbie arms- I love it!
 I love Ellie's beach-wave hair! (if anyone wanted to know, her little swim suit is from iplay, we got ours at Whole Foods)
 Alani and Blakey splashing in the water...they liked watching this dog play in the water.
And, lil Ellie fell fast asleep while we splashed in the water...I carried her to sit under an umbrella- and I stupidly left my legs out of the umbrella in the sun- and yes, this is them most sunburned my lower legs have ever been! (once again, the only place I didn't put sunscreen!) It's a good thing I'm the only one that's super burned...everyone else is just tanning! Maybe today I'll just wear a full body wet suit- I' haven't been sunburned in years! ha ha ha

arms full of shave ice and hugs, kandee

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