Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Muddy Waters and The Latest in Hat Wear

 Yesterday we went on an adventure!
Nothing like feeding hungry koi fish...they made a kinda yucky sound when they'd "chomp" at the water! ha ha ha
On our "hike" to see some waterfalls...it rained, and we all got a bit wet...
And Alani is wearing the lastest in rainforest fashion- the LEAF BONNEY BONNET!
Alani got a special rainhat....
which was made from some leaves we found and another leaf tied around it (she began collecting all the ones she found on the ground- we could have made hats for everyone, almost! ha ha ha)
 Blakey rinsing his muddy feet...
Jordan, our cousin and one of Jordan's best friends, Marcus, Alani, and Blake - and as you can see, this was before Alani got her hat. ha ha ha

We chewed on some sugar cane, tried some lilikoi, but no one was a fan of the jelly-like, seed stuff inside. And ate some coconut candy.

we felt like we were in a movie...a fun, jungley-adventure movie!

and I seemed to be the only one that the mosquitos liked...ha ha ha

shave ice and hugs, kandee

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