Friday, July 27, 2012

I'm packin'!

No, I'm not packin' heat, like they do in cop shows....I'm packin' suitcases!

I am actually taking a break from packing to type this blog post- yay for breaks, because I was kinda' just staring at stuff and not getting much done...ha ha ha ha

As you will see above, my trusty Ergo baby carrier, a mini zebra print carryon and not to let zebra bag be the only shining star of animal print-ness....we have trusty, Vans Leopard Print backpack- which still need to be filled with more stuff.

Packing for my 3 little ones and thankfully Jordan packes his own suitcase- yay! So, I only have to pack for 4 people (me included), instead of 5.

We are going to escape our daily lives, and let some new fun memories be created, because we've dealt with an overwhelming amount of sadness recently, with the death of my dad...(oh, that is still so hard to type or say the word, "death").....ok, must think of happy things to end this post....

I have much more packing to do, and the last load of laundry just buzzed in the dryer (I don't know how the buzzer keeps getting turned on- I can't stand the sound of dryer buzzes!)

off to go fold laundry, your kandee

Click here to see some funny picture about our destination on my OTHER BLOG- kandeej.


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