Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Most Comfortable Seat on A Plane!

I wish they made these in my size!
Who wouldn't rather fly in a hammock-like seat than in the onees on planes that fel like they are actually leaning you forward!
Traveling in a plane is not really very comfy.
And if you are traveling with a baby, traveling requires a  whole new "adventurous" approach.

When I worked on the show "How Do I Look", after I had the baby...We flew all over the country, taking off and landing multiple times a day with a baby in tow.
She did great, but I really wish I had heard about one of these FLYEBABY seats back then!
 How cool is this!? They are FAA approved to use during flight- so probably the same time you are able to use your phone- you can use the Flyebaby. You can't use it in take-offs or landings- but once you are in the air you're good to go.
And the awesome-ness doesn't stop there...once you've arrived wherever you're going, you can strap this onto any chair for a cozier-than-a-highchair, way to dine with baby!
Actually, I think we could still use one for Ellie! It says the weight limit is 25 pounds, which my lil' petite lady is not. There is a height marker, but they say the weight is most important.

If you wanna check em out for yourself head on over to their website:

this is so cool! I just wish there was some sort of hammock-like chair for big people on planes...because the seats on planes, almost make you feel like you're leaning forward! ha ha

So, if you're gonna hit the sky with your precious lil' one, maybe this will help your "air time"...

wings and hugs, your kandee

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