Thursday, July 5, 2012

4th of July with my little lambs....

4th of July, Lake Tahoe.
My little lamb made everyone smile more than, even the cute, little, old man dressed as George Washington.  It got cool in the afternoon, so it was a good things we brought out "fuzzy warm" jackets and things.
What's more fun that sitting on the sand....sprawling out on the sand in your fuzzy lamb suit.
(if you missed it, we got lambie suit at Target, and bow shoes from Old Navy)
 Blakey, splashing in the water.
 Little bow feet...she loves these shoes so much.
 Adirondack chairs are so fun...and this is what was on before the lamb suit. ha ha ha

 Blakey made tons of these little cucumber-melon "sandwiches"....
 And, not to be in the dark while we waited for fireworks..we had loaded up on glow-jewelry from the dollar store! It always surprises me that the dollar store glow sticks still work...ha ha ha, sometimes you get packages that barely light up at all.
 IT was like modern-pop-glow-art.
And then the fireworks....
And then we had s'mores sundaes...mmmm
And Jordan just doubled checked that I didn't post any pictures of him...ha ha ha. Nope, not a one. And he's happy.

hugs and sparklers, kandee

If you wanna see my patriotic-ness of 4th of July, click here.


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