Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adventures in Whole Foods

We are not normally juice drinkers...as our "house drink" is water. But you slap a picture of Elmo on a product, and viola...my little 17 month old, Ellie is trying to get all the juice boxes with Elmo- or as she calls him, "Muh-Moe"...into our cart.
 She carefully got "Muh-Moe" down. And if anyone else wishes they had plastic bow shoes too, we go hers at Old Navy. We actually, also got the orange with pink bow, ones too!
 Ellie was really fascinated with the insulated bags at the checkout stands...
After some yummy pizza...someone was fueled up to go clack around in her bow shoes...Blakey's foot is seen in even faster action leaving the picture.

After Blakey had melted the cashiers heart- which he has a way of doing, waved good bye to the bagging girl...we loaded up the car. And sometimes small successes are big accomplishments to me. The fact that I was able to unload all the groceries and put them away at record speed, made me feel, well....accomplished for the day.

Because the fact that I didn't, couldn't, had no desire to put make-up on or fancify my hair, or accessorize, or any of that...well, that was not on my list of important accomplishments for the day- ha ha ha

Here's to the joy of small accomplishments, kandee

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