Thursday, July 26, 2012

My crazy personal trainer....

Some people have trainers to help get them into shape....
My trainer is harsh, doesn't let me rest, and at his guidance I'll be in shape in no time.
He is on the small side, he fits in my jogging stroller.
His favorite things are Hot Wheels.
He is only 4, and his favorite thing to yell to me when we're on a run, when I stop for a break to walk is:
"What'd you stop for?!?"
ha ha ha ha ha

In his down time he likes to fly helicopters (as seen below) and goes by the name Blake.
I DO have to hand him his water bottle quite often and hand him snacks while I workout, but he doesn't charge me a thing... it is well worth it!

Off to go "train" whith my little trainer....he also really like any workout that he can jump around with me too, although he was kinda dangerous to stand near when I did Turbo Jam... ha ha ha

jumping jacks, kandee

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