Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My little love bears and their birthday gifts...

 sometimes the best gifts don't cost a things...
the joy my little Ellie Bear brought me yesterday was priceless.
(although she did make me a few "gifts" in her diaper too! ha ha ha)
I'm gonna blog all my other details on my KANDEEJ blog, but here's my precious treasures from my littliest of babies...(Jordan's will be on my other blog, since he's my "big baby"...although he would not like me to refer to him as a baby in any way!)
 Alani picked out a hello kitty dish and zebra print check holder/wallet- with the help of her shopping trip with Nana (aka my mom). I love them both!
 Blakey made me his gifts...this is a chopstick, clothes pin and a little note-creation- which I love!
He gave me a precious note, which he read to me that said:
Mommy, thank you for taking good care of me. 
I just love you! 
You're a crown princess!
(insert my heart melting into a puddle on the floor)
He also made me this precious hanging decoration, that he said he will hang on the wall when I put a nail in the wall for him to hang it on.
Blakey showing me how his adorable , present works!
And as I type this with mostly one hand, as I hold Ellie's hand with my other hand, as she bounces on the couch next to me, she saw this picture of Blake and said: "Beek!" she just started trying to say his name, but Blake is kinda' hard to say...and I like "Beek", too.

I am so blessed and thankful to have these little treasures, in my life...and thankful that I get to be their mama...
hugs from me and Ellie on the couch typing, the day-after-birthday girl (ha ha ha)



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