Friday, July 6, 2012

Sharpie Pen is the New Make-Up

 My lil' Ellie, sleeping well, like a baby...well, a baby with her new "Sharpie Pen Make-Up".
She carefully decorated her face with her "make-up" of choice...a long-lasting, hot pink Sharpie Pen.
 Ellie Bear, bright eyed this morning, making her funny "no-nope" face. A few of her favorites are: "No way!" "No-nope" and this morning is a melding of them both: "No NOPE-way".
Look at her "frown-brows"!
And we're back to happy again.
Happy with our hot pink face design. I'm hoping some Coconut Oil will help take this off! ha ha

Maybe I'll try Sharpie pen make-up tutorials someday...ha ha ha ha

From me and "Hot pink fancy face", your kandee

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