Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm pregnant..that's why!

I guess some people on youtube missed my video about being pregnant or maybe never bother to take a look at any of my blogs....ha ha ha ha
but one of my favorite comments  on the video I  just posted about being "hacked"...which is where I got this image from....WAS something about how fat I looked, or maybe that I got botox and that's why my skin looks so puffy and fat!
ha ha ha ha ha

Or maybe they just like to post mean things...ha ha ha ha

Yes, I am more puffy looking...but hey I'm pregnant....and I'm still super sick. I just tried to slap a little make-up in face so I didn't look like I was super-ill which is how I've felt all day trying to fix all my "hacker" problems...
really I just wanted to curl up on the couch and watch an old movie....

my eyeballs are burning....sinus pain is not feeling so fun...and I'm not sure if my head is hurting because of all the stress I dealt with today...or if it's the cold or both......

I'm off to try to rest issues are my health has just been "hacked" by a germ...ha ha ha

if you have headache right now...may it go away....hee hee....kandee

I have a special give away coming up for all the soon-to-be-mommies or mommies of new lil babies! I can't wait!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Look at the pregnant lady!

Bigger and Bigger!
(this is what almost 8 1/2 months pregnant looks like!)
I waddled though Babies R Us today....and tried to do a few more things, but I was so exhausted. I'm still battling this cold!
Me and Blaker were up most of the night, as he was coughing too...I arranged pillows to prop him up so he could breath easier...and put my arm under his pillows so he was more upright to breathe.
We both drank so much water during the night....
I had to make trips to the bathroom like 3 times...apparently that thing about boys having bigger bladders is true! ha ha ha
And this was after we said goodbye to my sister at my gramma's house...and Alani styled my mom's hair into this fabulous creation!
love your favorite roundbelly....kandee

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Things I do to my sister!

You may have heard of Father Christmas.....
well I did a Mother Thanksgiving look on my sister.....
even though this face my sister, Tiffany, is making says:
"I DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS!"...inside she love it! ha ha ha
I've been doing make-overs on my sister for years...I think she may have been one of my first models to put make-up on when I was little.....
and I got to do my first make-up video with her today!
Keep an eye out for a new video staring my sister and a make-over! hee hee hee
She did an "interesting make-over" on me too...for a video on her youtube channel!

We're off to go have a day of adventures in the snow...and hopefully all the little ones will take a nap in the car!
pumkpin pie lattes (which I can't drink because I'm pregnant, but they smell so good!)...kandee

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

me and my sister in the "puffy paint" turkey shirts she made us...she made them for everyone! From Blaker to Grama...everyone had one on!
mom and my Great Grama...for the first time, we all went out to eat on Thanksgiving...I wasn't feeling like cooking, being big and pregnant...
my sister didn't...
mom was too we went to Claim Jumper to eat!
Yay, and no one had 8 hours of dishes to wash!
my sister and my dad
my dad and me with my lil' pilgrim hat my sister mad me wear too!
the back of Blaker's "lil' FAT TURKEY" shirt...
the back of Bobby's turkey shirt...and you can see dad wearing his too! hee hee

 Jordan wearing 2 pilgrim hats while he plays Xbox!
Alani's thanksgiving craft she made! I love them!

My pregnant belly gets filled up so easy...I hardly ate a few bites
and was stuffed! With all this baby taking up space, there's no room for food! ha ha ha
My sister made us all sing our FAT TURKEY song...
for your listening pleasure may I present:


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


WHAT: self portrait of me sick (I feel like I could've auditioned for a NyQuil commercial)
But no medicine for this lady....not when I'm pregnant...even certain herbal remedies are out!
  • drink lots of water
  • take my vitamins and extra Vitamin D to help my weak lil' immune system
  • hunt for hot water, lemon, and honey
  • (I also like to eat coconut oil, because it naturally kills bacteria and germs in your body)
  • and I took a SUPER long HOT shower
  • wear cozy striped socks (at least it made me feel cozy)
All I've done pretty much the last 2 days is blog, try to answer emails (I get thousands a day), work on all the details for the Glaminar, ordering cupcakes, making sure the event is set up, work on arranging some very special surprises...and blow my nose
642,368 times....
(I wish I had my neti pot with me) ha ha
and seeing this hot pink Christmas tree made me feel better...! I would love to fill my house with HOT PINK CHRISTMAS TREES!!!!
Typing from the car..don't worry mom is to see all my family...I'm driving from San Fran, my sister is driving from Santa Barbara...and we are racing to see who makes it to gramma's house first!
typing in thanksgiving traffic.....your kandee

if you wanna see me make my famous cheesecake pumpkin pie (AND get to meet my dad in a video) CLICK HERE:

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Pregnant in the City (with crepes)

MATERNITY MUST HAVE'S: a loud polka dot pattern shirt to totally hide the big pregnant belly!
ha ha ha ha ha aha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
Seriousness: I don't really wear maternity clothes (and as we've already blogged about the awfulness of maternity pants...that put a halt on me wasting any more money on maternity's been all leggings!)
this shirt is from H&M, from the normal women's department!
(me and baby having a crepe on Haight Street in San Francisco)

when you ge to around 8's really hard to breathe~ baby takes up a lot of room, including room for your lungs...I get out of breath super easily.
 me: still eating my crepe!
 HURRY UP!!!!:
I am usually known as "the fastest walking person you've ever seen"...but with my big 8 month pregger belly....I had to tell my mom to slow down. Which is so weird feeling, because usually no one can keep up with me. I have no idea why I walk so fast normally...what can I say, I have a "need for speed"! ha ha ha
and what better way to end a blog than with goof-ball faces from your truly!
kisses...crepes...and polka dot shirts.....your kanderella

(if you're can CLICK HERE and see more of my day and the WORLD's MOST famous person I met yesterday:

Monday, November 22, 2010

Things that make me happy: Where's Waldo

I could be like Where's Waldo.....
Instead of Where's Kandee~ Where's Kando!
And instead of stripes, I'll wear gingham! ha ha ha

LIFE-SIZE WHERE'S WALDO CUT OUT ON A ROOF TOP: that yesterday while talking on the phone with my friend, I was standing in the hallway of the hotel looking out at all the beautiful buildings....I saw this: can't really see much...but if you look closely....
and instead of using your super-zoom eyeballs like I did (ha ha ha)...we can benefit from the 20X zoom on my camera....and see this:
WALDO on the roof in San Francisco! ha ha ha ha Don't you love it?!?

That I'm typing this blog from the lobby of the hotel again, and they are playing Christmas music....I love Christmas music..."I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"....makes my heart feel like I just gave it a hot chocolate and hot Christmas cookies!
And that even though I was a little stressed out this morning...and feeling very upset...
a little Christmas music...added some sparkle to my heart and my day....
Being able to post this picture, without my "Where's Kando" glasses! ha ha ha
ha ha ha ha..that's better....instead of a cane, black glasses and a cap: I have a belly, black boots, and a camera! ha ha ha
love your KANDO

wanna see more from this day, come see some more ridiculousness here:

Sunday, November 21, 2010

San Francisco- what I see

this is the incredible view from my hotel can see the Bay Bridge in the background...not the bright RED Golden Gate bridge that screams, "You in San Fran, baby!"....

I slept, in...sort of....I was like, "what?!? am I awake so early"....but at least I got 8 hours of sleep!

(the lobby of the hotel in SF- Free Wi-Fi!!!!)

Things we're gonna try to see: (event though mom and me and both still really tired! ha ha)
Museum of Modern Art (that's what I was looking at int he picture, out the window)
Haight-Ashbury -famed SF street~ funky shops there are always fun

I love cities...seeing the people....different little shops, buildings....trees....everything!

My mom still hasn't come downstairs off to type my blog about the Glaminar yesterday, it was so amazing....especially since it's the second to last one!

huge love from the city known for Sourdough bread...ha ha ha....
xo Kandee Gate Bridge

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Whoa Baby!

This is one tired mama...standing for over14 hours...with this big belly....equals one very tired mama....
this is all I have to type....
but for sure tomorrow's blog will blow your mind! ha ha ha ha
love and big tired baby bellies.....kand-ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

W-ood Night!

Jammie time at the W Hotel In San Francisco!
I wish I could have all the Glaminars at W Hotels...they are so stylish and cool! And if you book way in advance the rooms are super cheap!

Look what my pillow says:
Even the wonderful event coordinator that helped me set up the Glaminar here, Mark Roberts...was so great, he even had a present for me (well really for cupcake)..when we went to meet him today! It was a little W Hotel onesie for my lil' cupcake!!!!!
this is the back that says: W-oops! how cute is that!?! He told me that all the girls who called in about the San Fran Glaminar told him I was preggers...and that he needed to do something nice for me! That was sooooo nice!

Now I must's almost 2am, we finished setting up the Glaminar room at midnight...then I had to blog...and I really wish I had something sweet to eat! ha ha ha
Gotta get up early for to bed....
"Wood" Night from the W...and sWeet dWeams.....from kWandee

Friday, November 19, 2010

We're In San Francisco Baby!

me and baby are in San Francisco!
I was gonna try to take a picture and show you the city, but the fog rolled and and you can hardly see anything! ha ha ha

I've been working on the computer all morning...eaten an apple and banana while we're headed out for real food! YAY!

It's extra hard to sleep in hotels when you're pregnant...even though my mom gave me all her extra pillows...I woke up all night long just watching the sky change from dark to light! ha ha ha

Tomorrow is big SF Glaminar day and I'm so excited!! Only one Glaminar after's kind of sad too....then I get to rest...and be with baby!

Off to go feed this pregnant lady and my mom! ha ha  ha

From the City By the Bay......sourdough and ghirardelli chocolate..kandee

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're 8 months PREGNANT!!!!

hooray! I'm offcially at the 8 months pregnant mark!
My due date is for January 14th...) technically that whole 9 months thing is a really have your baby at the 10 month mark! ha ha ha

The countdown has begun....8 weeks left!
I love my baby belly.....I love feeling her move around....and I can't wait to see her!!!
My precious lil ones, love to talk to her, and last night Blaker was whispering things to her in my belly!
Every morning I sing, "You are my sunshine..." to Blaker when he gets up (alani has her own "Princess" wake up routine!)...he loves it...Baby will probably love hearing all our songs when she's out of my tummy!

8 months along...and 8 weeks to go!!!

Happy 8 months...boy does time go by fast!!!!
big bellies and lots of tummy oil and lotion......kandee

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink! Pink! Pink!

Alani's outfit of the day!  I love her mix and selection of striped leggings, hello kitty tutu, and polka dot kitty shirt!
then I looked at our clean laundry and had to laugh....look at all the pink clothes! It's like flowers and fabric bloomed on the coffee table!
then I look over at Blaker, who has nothing pink on...and smile...even the stuffed animal he's playing with is blue and white! ha ha ha I love little people in jammies!

What a day looks like for mama's:
It takes me aouot 5 hours to type a blog-why?
I have to take people to go pee or poop.. a lot
Little people need to get dressed
Braids need to be braided and clips put into hair...
Breakfast needs to get made...
then snacks...
then lunch....
we might need a little dance break, which I need to clap very loudly for....
hugs need to be given at random moments....
just had to take a break and admire Blakey's dance breaking moves!
then drive Alani to school (afternoon kindergarten)
and my list just gets crazier in the afternoon...
Mommies really have the most underrated job in the's 24 hours a day, you can't call in sick...even if you are tired beyond can't take a nap...
and when other people get to come home after work and relax...mommies NEVER get to relax! ha ha
So to all my fellow mama's...I am sending you huge huge, a bunch of peace...and the ability to laugh at whatever happens...markers on the wall, paper towels jammed in the toilet...ha ha ha ha

huge love, kandee

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tips for Starting A Baby Registry:

I've been getting tons of emails asking for me to do a post on what mama's should put on their baby registries and what products I have used that I love! So here's tips and what I love! (I did have my registry open for people to see, but some rude people were leaving mean comments about me posting my registry....I just thought people would like to see my "favorite" products and get some ideas about what to add to their registry, so I have removed the registry ID's to stop these people from leaving mean and rude comments. I thought that my "kandee blog family" would enjoy taking a peek, but I forget about all the unkind people on the internet.) I'll do a blog about my favorite things like carseats and baby monitors and things like that soon!

Here's some of my fav places to register for baby...and some of my MUST HAVE THINGS to include on your registry or maybe just some GREAT GIFT IDEAS if someone you know is having a baby!!

I was going to type a list of the essentials to include on your registry, but it was going to be so instead I'll just let you take a peek at everything on my registry. (and may I mind you, Blake and Alani helped use the scanner gun at Babies R Us to add things to the registry, so I might have 5 high chairs on there! ha ha ha)

I had to go into product review and investigation mode, since I got rid of all my baby things last ME- the Queen of Research have hunted for the best of the if you are in need of baby things or gifts...just look at all the things I registered on my baby registry:

it helps if you register for things at 2 stores, some people will only go to one place to register, and will never see what you registered for at just one place!

#1. Babies R Us ~ they have a great return policy, and if they don't have it in-store you can get many more products online! And they give you little inserts for your baby shower invitations to let people know  where you're registered.
(the must have on your registry list...they are massive and have almost everything you're gonna need!)

#2. Target~ Target is great because it might be easier for people to find a Target,  BUT they can very difficult when you need to return ANYTHING!

#3. Right Start ~  Right Start has some cool products that you won't find at other baby stores, they have cool natural, or modern baby things, and brands that are hard to find!

Hope this gives you an idea for your registry, or maybe some gift ideas if you are headed to a baby shower soon!!!

baby things and diapers... kandee

Monday, November 15, 2010

How to have a super cool baby shower!

Yesterday was my Glam-tastic baby shower!
they did make a small typo- the shower was only from 1-3pm! ha ha ha
may I mention that most all the photos on here were taken by Alani...she was the self-appointed, official photographer of the day!
 Guest were greeted with lots of fun pink balloons and ugly green carpet!

I didn't want some boring old baby shower filled with games like smelling diapers with different chocolate bars melted in them or tasting baby foods and guessing their flavors....yuck!

So I came up with some fun, "hip", or more cool ideas for a baby shower!

COOL (GLAM & FUN) ideas for baby shower:
Instead of everyone standing around playing boring ol' baby shower games...

I thought it would be fun to have a "glamorous" baby shower with "beauty" stations!
 #1. we had a "GLAM MAKE-UP STATION"
My awesome friend Jenay, that works at MAC came to do everyone's makeup! This was so much fun! Everyone loved that they got their make-up done and left looking gorgeous! My lil' Alani was the first to get her make-up done! Jenay later put a cupcake on her cheek too...Alani asked for it to be drawn over her whole mouth, chin and nose, but Jenay wisely said it would look better on her cheek! ha ha
My lil' make-up artist putting make-up on Jenay!
#2. we had a fun "POLISH STATION"
all photos courtesy of Alani (i really like the artsy polish shot!)
My friend Teresa had her friend, Kristi MacMahon (at Metamorphosis Salon come and do polish changes for everyone! She was so busy..(you can see her in the corner near the LIPS balloon)....I didn't even get to have my polish done! ha ha ha And she had this color DOROTHY like ruby red slippers that I wanted on sooo bad!

Everyone loved this so much...they left with pretty hands...pretty make-up...and a little pink box filled with candy...and some really cool prizes!

FUN "different" baby shower games ideas:
instead of the boring old games...I wanted to make a fun game where people would need to talk to everyone and interact with each other more, especially since not everyone knew each other!
So I came up with the fun scavenger hunt questions, my friend Teresa designed them with cute zebra print (and she made cute zebra print name tags!)
mine got all crinkled..but this was so much fun!
I found these cute party raffle cards  (from Party America) or you could use raffle tickets...
and we picked several winners that won things from a fun purse I picked out, a pair of feather earrings, rocker chain earrings, a fun yellow wallet, my favorite handmade soap from ivi scents, a goodie bag of my fav make-up, and all other kinds of random goodies!
Our prize table...the big polka dot bag had the best prize...and big, fun, red purse with chain straps!

#3. Don't say BABY!
This is not an original, but a classic baby shower game.
Every guest gets a clothes pin (we had pink ones!)...and any time you hear someone say baby, you get to take their clothes pin.
The one with the most clothes pins wins!

We had pizza! Which disappeared faster than the cupcakes! ha ha ha
we had 3 different flavors:
1. Strawberry Shortcake
2. S'mores
3. and Chocolate with pink buttercream yummy!!!!
AND HERE'S A PEEK INTO MY BABY SHOWER...all pictures by my 5 year old, Alani!
me and my beautiful friend, Bethanie, who is an amazing hair stylist! (whoa this angle was not so kind to the bags under my eyes! ha ha ha)
me and my sweetheart BLAKE!!! This little guy just melts my heart everyday!
Bethanie, my bubbly friend Teresa that helped with the shower, me, and my friend so-much-fun, friend Bettina! Bettina and I have worked on so many things together, from tv shows to weddings, to press junkets for movies....I miss hearing her laugh as we make people ready for the camera! She even got to work on Pirate's of the Caribbean, just a few feet away from Johnny Depp! oh my gosh!
me and Bethanie...(yes one of the things on the scavenger hunt was: GET A PICTURE WITH KANDEE POINTING AT HER BELLY!)

my friend from childhood...Ashley!              
me and teresa! (it's very 2011 to crop the top of your pictures! ha ha ha)
mama and me! (I missed my sister being here, but we will see her next week!)


     My Alani and all her balloons after the shower!
And my big Blaker too!!
It was so fun and all the girls loved that it was so fun, and they all left feeling and looking extra beautiful! We had about 15 people of all my precious friends and family that I hardly ever get to see...I did miss a few friends that live too far away! But hey were with me in spirit!
And one final picture by my new favorite photographer, Alani!
 Who else could capture this awesome expression on my face! ha ha ha ha

cupcakes and baby showers....kandee


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