Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Affair

We had the most fun set up for a Glaminar ever.....
I had all my babies with me...and my mom and dad!
My dad has a ballooon decoration company so he came with more balloons than I've ever had! It was so fun!
my high-speed, blurry, Blaker running through all the chairs!
Alani playing with one of the balloons that grampa gave her! We lost track of the number of helium filled balloons that they let go eventually my dad just gave them balloons he blew up with lung power, instead of helium! ha ha ha
My Mama making gift bags...and my dad getting all the balloons ready! It was so fun to have everyone there!
Alani and Blake attacking my dad!
After we were all exhausted from hauling boxes, bags ans suitcases filled with our set-up stuff, signs, supplies. prizes, gift bags, and gift bag goodies...unpacking moving chairs and staging.....
we had dinner.....and went to sleep...we'll I did after I blogged on friday night! So as everyone slept by the light of my laptop....I typed..and then fell fast asleep!

I'm so excited because it's baby shower day! I will blog about it on here later! We have some glam-tastic surprises for the shower! I can't wait to see all my friends that I never get to see! ha ha

love and red velvet cupcakes.....kandee


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