Saturday, November 13, 2010

A little bit Chola...A lotta bit pregnant!

Okay so the only "Chola" things about this picture is that I have a "wife beater" AKA tank top , on and a "flannel" that only has the top button buttoned! ha ha ha ha (the chola look video I did is pretty funny though! CLICK HERE if you wanna SEE it!) Like Gwen Stefani's LUXURIOUS video...except my belly is wayyyyy bigger and really shows of a wife beater! ha ha ha ha

....And my gramma  told me today that I should practice using my Spanish words more because I couldn't think of how you say "scissor" in Spanish to her earlier and had to ask her! ha ha ha ha

I know that I will bet much larger before January when I'm due...but today as I waddled all out of breathe to go check on something while we were setting up for the GLAMINAR....
I looked down and was like...."I know my belly is going to get bigger...but in this second I feel likeI'm as big as a woman whos' ready to give birth any day now!

my little maternity bra- that just comes unhooked at random times whenever it feels like it..not CUTE!

pair of maternity "jeans" I got at H & M that are SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE- I had to cut all the elastic out of the waist before I left the house!

I ran out of my Mama Mio Tummy Rub...(no stores near me have it!) and the other oils and creams I have are no where near as amazing!

(oh, if anyone might ask...yes that is a sparkly phone cover with a hello kitty on it!!! My precious Glaminar Sister, Karawn made this for me!)

I have to sleep now....only 5  hours before I have to get up for Glaminar tomorrow! Wait til you see who helped me set up my Glaminar today!!!! In the next post!

love and flannels.... lil' kandee


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