Thursday, November 4, 2010

Picture Day

Picture Day...
Not only did Alani pick out her outfit, even though I tried to convince her that the maybe we should pick out another skirt....she out the door we went.
 mama (me) carefully used my flat iron to curl these "princess" ringlets in her hair! she loved it and even walked around more bouncy...It is so fun to make your little "princess" feel beautiful and princessy!
after me and blaker droppped off Alani at school and waited in the stinky cafeteria to make sure her pictures and hair came out and Blake headed to get the oil changed in my car.
Me and Blaker went on a little donut adventure while they re-oiled my car....we love sprinkled donuts!
this is Blaker's's one of my favorites! Good ol' Target and their super cute and cheap shirts! This shirt says to me: I'm ALL business! ha ha ha
and a picture of Jordan (he didn't know I took this...I'm the "mom-arazzi") we drove home from picking him up.....All I did was drive people to and from school...well and me and blake to get donuts!

Some days it's really hard to get everything done....I barely had time to upload a video to youtube before I got Alani ready for school....I thought I would type my blog after I dropped her off and went to get my oil and Blakey barely got home and head to go pick her up again! Then race to get Jordan....race to my midwife appointment....
go have dinner with the babies and Bobby.....
take babies over to their dad's house (has them one week then I have them one week)...and as usual I cry after I drop them off and cry all the way home, and then cry some more when I get home because I miss my little lovies so much!
I have been so blessed with my Jordan to have always been able to have him with me! He's been my sidekick his whole life!

Midwife said I'm doing good....gaining lots of weight! ha ha ha ha That is my least favorite part of the visit, and everytime I try to tell her that I think my socks weigh at least 5 pounds each! ha ha ha

huge love and lots of sleep for this tired mama.....your kandee


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