Sunday, November 7, 2010


Reason #178,593 why I hate pants and especially maternity pants!
So I've tried almost every pair of pregnancy pants you can buy......even the fancy pants ones at A Pea In the Pod....with the fancy high pants that weren't so annoying at first...
It feels like the pants are smashing my baby belly, choking my ribs........and like I cant' breathe when I wear them! Even my beloved leggings feel like they are squeezing me too tight....
what's a girl to do....
wear a moo-moo?!?
I've tried EVERY STYLE of pants....can't stand em' all!
I even used to try this rubberband trick with my "pre-preggy" pants with my other 74 pregnancies (just kidding)....ain't gonna work this time!

Thankfully I bought these baggy "genie" pants at some super bargain store in New York....had I known how I wished I cou;d live in them...I would've  bought  tons more!

So since I think it would frighten people and scare most to see me walking around in just my bloomers...
I share try to dig in my suitcase....and find something suitable to wear on my lower half....
sarong....maybe..... could happen
sheet from the have no idea how creatively I could wrap a sheet around me! ha ha ha ha

I bet someone who'd never even been pregnant designs maternity clothes!

Off to a big moo moo! ha ha ha ha
kandee and her baby-cupcake tummy


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