Wednesday, November 24, 2010


WHAT: self portrait of me sick (I feel like I could've auditioned for a NyQuil commercial)
But no medicine for this lady....not when I'm pregnant...even certain herbal remedies are out!
  • drink lots of water
  • take my vitamins and extra Vitamin D to help my weak lil' immune system
  • hunt for hot water, lemon, and honey
  • (I also like to eat coconut oil, because it naturally kills bacteria and germs in your body)
  • and I took a SUPER long HOT shower
  • wear cozy striped socks (at least it made me feel cozy)
All I've done pretty much the last 2 days is blog, try to answer emails (I get thousands a day), work on all the details for the Glaminar, ordering cupcakes, making sure the event is set up, work on arranging some very special surprises...and blow my nose
642,368 times....
(I wish I had my neti pot with me) ha ha
and seeing this hot pink Christmas tree made me feel better...! I would love to fill my house with HOT PINK CHRISTMAS TREES!!!!
Typing from the car..don't worry mom is to see all my family...I'm driving from San Fran, my sister is driving from Santa Barbara...and we are racing to see who makes it to gramma's house first!
typing in thanksgiving traffic.....your kandee

if you wanna see me make my famous cheesecake pumpkin pie (AND get to meet my dad in a video) CLICK HERE:


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