Friday, November 19, 2010

We're In San Francisco Baby!

me and baby are in San Francisco!
I was gonna try to take a picture and show you the city, but the fog rolled and and you can hardly see anything! ha ha ha

I've been working on the computer all morning...eaten an apple and banana while we're headed out for real food! YAY!

It's extra hard to sleep in hotels when you're pregnant...even though my mom gave me all her extra pillows...I woke up all night long just watching the sky change from dark to light! ha ha ha

Tomorrow is big SF Glaminar day and I'm so excited!! Only one Glaminar after's kind of sad too....then I get to rest...and be with baby!

Off to go feed this pregnant lady and my mom! ha ha  ha

From the City By the Bay......sourdough and ghirardelli chocolate..kandee


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