Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

me and my sister in the "puffy paint" turkey shirts she made us...she made them for everyone! From Blaker to Grama...everyone had one on!
mom and my Great Grama...for the first time, we all went out to eat on Thanksgiving...I wasn't feeling like cooking, being big and pregnant...
my sister didn't...
mom was too we went to Claim Jumper to eat!
Yay, and no one had 8 hours of dishes to wash!
my sister and my dad
my dad and me with my lil' pilgrim hat my sister mad me wear too!
the back of Blaker's "lil' FAT TURKEY" shirt...
the back of Bobby's turkey shirt...and you can see dad wearing his too! hee hee

 Jordan wearing 2 pilgrim hats while he plays Xbox!
Alani's thanksgiving craft she made! I love them!

My pregnant belly gets filled up so easy...I hardly ate a few bites
and was stuffed! With all this baby taking up space, there's no room for food! ha ha ha
My sister made us all sing our FAT TURKEY song...
for your listening pleasure may I present:



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