Monday, November 15, 2010

How to have a super cool baby shower!

Yesterday was my Glam-tastic baby shower!
they did make a small typo- the shower was only from 1-3pm! ha ha ha
may I mention that most all the photos on here were taken by Alani...she was the self-appointed, official photographer of the day!
 Guest were greeted with lots of fun pink balloons and ugly green carpet!

I didn't want some boring old baby shower filled with games like smelling diapers with different chocolate bars melted in them or tasting baby foods and guessing their flavors....yuck!

So I came up with some fun, "hip", or more cool ideas for a baby shower!

COOL (GLAM & FUN) ideas for baby shower:
Instead of everyone standing around playing boring ol' baby shower games...

I thought it would be fun to have a "glamorous" baby shower with "beauty" stations!
 #1. we had a "GLAM MAKE-UP STATION"
My awesome friend Jenay, that works at MAC came to do everyone's makeup! This was so much fun! Everyone loved that they got their make-up done and left looking gorgeous! My lil' Alani was the first to get her make-up done! Jenay later put a cupcake on her cheek too...Alani asked for it to be drawn over her whole mouth, chin and nose, but Jenay wisely said it would look better on her cheek! ha ha
My lil' make-up artist putting make-up on Jenay!
#2. we had a fun "POLISH STATION"
all photos courtesy of Alani (i really like the artsy polish shot!)
My friend Teresa had her friend, Kristi MacMahon (at Metamorphosis Salon come and do polish changes for everyone! She was so busy..(you can see her in the corner near the LIPS balloon)....I didn't even get to have my polish done! ha ha ha And she had this color DOROTHY like ruby red slippers that I wanted on sooo bad!

Everyone loved this so much...they left with pretty hands...pretty make-up...and a little pink box filled with candy...and some really cool prizes!

FUN "different" baby shower games ideas:
instead of the boring old games...I wanted to make a fun game where people would need to talk to everyone and interact with each other more, especially since not everyone knew each other!
So I came up with the fun scavenger hunt questions, my friend Teresa designed them with cute zebra print (and she made cute zebra print name tags!)
mine got all crinkled..but this was so much fun!
I found these cute party raffle cards  (from Party America) or you could use raffle tickets...
and we picked several winners that won things from a fun purse I picked out, a pair of feather earrings, rocker chain earrings, a fun yellow wallet, my favorite handmade soap from ivi scents, a goodie bag of my fav make-up, and all other kinds of random goodies!
Our prize table...the big polka dot bag had the best prize...and big, fun, red purse with chain straps!

#3. Don't say BABY!
This is not an original, but a classic baby shower game.
Every guest gets a clothes pin (we had pink ones!)...and any time you hear someone say baby, you get to take their clothes pin.
The one with the most clothes pins wins!

We had pizza! Which disappeared faster than the cupcakes! ha ha ha
we had 3 different flavors:
1. Strawberry Shortcake
2. S'mores
3. and Chocolate with pink buttercream yummy!!!!
AND HERE'S A PEEK INTO MY BABY SHOWER...all pictures by my 5 year old, Alani!
me and my beautiful friend, Bethanie, who is an amazing hair stylist! (whoa this angle was not so kind to the bags under my eyes! ha ha ha)
me and my sweetheart BLAKE!!! This little guy just melts my heart everyday!
Bethanie, my bubbly friend Teresa that helped with the shower, me, and my friend so-much-fun, friend Bettina! Bettina and I have worked on so many things together, from tv shows to weddings, to press junkets for movies....I miss hearing her laugh as we make people ready for the camera! She even got to work on Pirate's of the Caribbean, just a few feet away from Johnny Depp! oh my gosh!
me and Bethanie...(yes one of the things on the scavenger hunt was: GET A PICTURE WITH KANDEE POINTING AT HER BELLY!)

my friend from childhood...Ashley!              
me and teresa! (it's very 2011 to crop the top of your pictures! ha ha ha)
mama and me! (I missed my sister being here, but we will see her next week!)


     My Alani and all her balloons after the shower!
And my big Blaker too!!
It was so fun and all the girls loved that it was so fun, and they all left feeling and looking extra beautiful! We had about 15 people of all my precious friends and family that I hardly ever get to see...I did miss a few friends that live too far away! But hey were with me in spirit!
And one final picture by my new favorite photographer, Alani!
 Who else could capture this awesome expression on my face! ha ha ha ha

cupcakes and baby showers....kandee


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