Thursday, November 18, 2010

We're 8 months PREGNANT!!!!

hooray! I'm offcially at the 8 months pregnant mark!
My due date is for January 14th...) technically that whole 9 months thing is a really have your baby at the 10 month mark! ha ha ha

The countdown has begun....8 weeks left!
I love my baby belly.....I love feeling her move around....and I can't wait to see her!!!
My precious lil ones, love to talk to her, and last night Blaker was whispering things to her in my belly!
Every morning I sing, "You are my sunshine..." to Blaker when he gets up (alani has her own "Princess" wake up routine!)...he loves it...Baby will probably love hearing all our songs when she's out of my tummy!

8 months along...and 8 weeks to go!!!

Happy 8 months...boy does time go by fast!!!!
big bellies and lots of tummy oil and lotion......kandee


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