Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tips for Starting A Baby Registry:

I've been getting tons of emails asking for me to do a post on what mama's should put on their baby registries and what products I have used that I love! So here's tips and what I love! (I did have my registry open for people to see, but some rude people were leaving mean comments about me posting my registry....I just thought people would like to see my "favorite" products and get some ideas about what to add to their registry, so I have removed the registry ID's to stop these people from leaving mean and rude comments. I thought that my "kandee blog family" would enjoy taking a peek, but I forget about all the unkind people on the internet.) I'll do a blog about my favorite things like carseats and baby monitors and things like that soon!

Here's some of my fav places to register for baby...and some of my MUST HAVE THINGS to include on your registry or maybe just some GREAT GIFT IDEAS if someone you know is having a baby!!

I was going to type a list of the essentials to include on your registry, but it was going to be so long...so instead I'll just let you take a peek at everything on my registry. (and may I mind you, Blake and Alani helped use the scanner gun at Babies R Us to add things to the registry, so I might have 5 high chairs on there! ha ha ha)

I had to go into product review and investigation mode, since I got rid of all my baby things last year...so ME- the Queen of Research have hunted for the best of the best...so if you are in need of baby things or gifts...just look at all the things I registered on my baby registry:

it helps if you register for things at 2 stores, some people will only go to one place to register, and will never see what you registered for at just one place!

#1. Babies R Us ~ they have a great return policy, and if they don't have it in-store you can get many more products online! And they give you little inserts for your baby shower invitations to let people know  where you're registered.
(the must have on your registry list...they are massive and have almost everything you're gonna need!)

#2. Target~ Target is great because it might be easier for people to find a Target,  BUT they can very difficult when you need to return ANYTHING!

#3. Right Start ~  Right Start has some cool products that you won't find at other baby stores, they have cool natural, or modern baby things, and brands that are hard to find!

Hope this gives you an idea for your registry, or maybe some gift ideas if you are headed to a baby shower soon!!!

baby things and diapers... kandee


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