Thursday, May 31, 2012

The most comfortable bra for pregnant or nursing boobs!

 What I told my sister: This is the most comfortable bra I've ever worn.
And what goes down during "sister talk", is some real deal truth! I love this bra so much. I actually have this baby on right now. I love it so much I bought 2 in white and 1 in black. And I bought one for my sister.
 I have  ordered and purchased so many awful nursing/maternity bras...only to be be piled up in the corner of my bra and undie drawer. They are either too tight, too loose, no support, too sweaty, the straps hurt your shoulders, the snaps dig in....but this bra, I am not kidding you- is the most comfortable bra ever to be wrapped around my rib cage and shoulders! And I've been wearing mine since I was pregnant!
Yes, you too can have the most comfortable nursing/maternity bra too....ha ha ha
I'll share with you "sister talk style" where I got it:
A Pea In The Pod (now if you don't have a store near you, just order it online!)
Here's the link for the Seamless Clip Down Nursing Bra (and don't be fooled by the nursing name...this is THE BEST, MOST COMFORTABLE MATERNITY BRA for while you're pregnant!)

PS. Plus, if you are going to be are probably going to need to wear a bra at night too, because you are going to need to wear nursing pads to avoid milk leaks. So just get one in maybe a slightly bigger size, if you want to use it as a "sleeping bra" too!

If you are not preggy, but know someone who is, pass this boulder holder info on...they will thank you. Just like my sister did. She said: "this really is the most amazing bra!"....

hip hip hoo-bra, kandee

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Goodbye to Betsey with my lil Fashionista...

 This is/was the Betsey Johnson store in Santa Barbara. I have loved Betsey Johnson since I was little. When my mom was in Fashion School, before she had me, she did a whole project about Betsey Johnson. So ofcourse, my litte budding designer, Alani loved the Betsey Johnson store too!
We went there, to get something that I can't wait to show you all....and it's nothing you can wear! It's much more amazing, I think.
Here is Alani, trying on her "favorite" neckace. 
I went there with just my girls- Me, Alani and Ellie.
And ALL the photos, except for the one above (of her wearing the necklace) were taken by Alani. I told her just to have fun and take pictures of what she liked!
So here is her photos of the last days of the Betsey Store- which today, wednesday is their official last day....

 we love turquoisey shades....
 and jewelry....
 this sailor necklace was one of our favs...
 I kinda love artsy and blurry this picture came out...
Alani designed some really great outfits too...
She had so much fun, giggling and taking pictures...she was very busy...
I just loved seeing her little eyes light up and have fun being creative.
And we drove home talking about how she could design her own jewelry someday, like the fun jewelry we saw.

Oh I can't wait to show you what I got! Soon, soon it should be here...they had to ship part of it to me. I wanted to buy the necklace stands so badly...they were only like $5 a piece, but someone had already beat me to buying them! "OH GRAPES!", and Blakey says. Instead of "oh great!", he says "OH GRAPES!"....I love it!

oh grapes, kandee

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Do you have THIS in your bathroom?

 Ok, Ok. I know I already bogged about this a while ago...but I still love it. Still use it in the kids bathroom. And I had to buy one for my lil niece, Sydney, when I was at my sisters.

So this is for all everyone that may have missed it- this is the AQUEDUCK!
Above without water...and below...
ready for some fresh, hand cleaning action.
It is just the right reach for little hands to wash those little fingers comfortably, without smashing their armpits against the counter to try to reach. And it's really fun to wash your hands with thus, it feels more fun, like a little river of water too!

All I have to say is- whoever thought of a "faucet extender", is brilliant! Such a simple, yet awesome idea! I know they were a parent!

this is a great gift idea too, you'l seem the "hunter of all cool kids things"...(ha ha ha ha), kandee


Monday, May 28, 2012

Proud Moments in Whole Foods!

 Just look at the food that my babies picked out at Whole Foods for lunch! I am so proud of my lil Health Nuts- just like mama! I let them pick whatever they want and this is what they picked! I'm serious, I did not even tel them what to pick- and they could have chosen pizza or mac n' cheese, even!
Blake's Food Choices:
Raw Broccoli
Hidden under that is Cauliflower, peas and some corn and brussel sprouts (yes, they picked brussel sprouts on their own)
And a hard boiled egg
Alani's Food Basket:
Raw Cauliflower
Raw Brocolli
and un-shown here was the hard boiled egg she was getting too
And they eat it all!!!
 Then we went miniature golfing....Blake and Alani both got hole-in-whole-one's!
 And Ellie's favorite part was riding in the "BMW" ride in the arcade part!

And I'm still amazed that my kids chose brussel sprouts and raw broccoli all on  their own!

yum brussel sprouts, kandee

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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Manne-kids in the window

 No, these are not mannequins but real kids in the window box. Blakey, Alani and their lil' cousin Sydney...freshly dressed after a baths and ready for a fun day...

And again, my poor Blakey resorted to using the Betsey Johnson stickers to "tape" his "hot wheels" into their tray, "so they won't come out", he said. And wait til you see what I got at the Betsey Johnson store, it was going out of business and I got some pretty cool things- I can't wait to show you! I'll show you on my other bloggy (kandeej), next week!
These little ones make me laugh all day! I just love everything they say!

happy saturday everyone- I hope you have a fun-tastic day, kandee

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Friday, May 25, 2012

Milk and Cookies and Way Out-Numbered!

 Last night...Blakey who seems to be way out-numbered by girls....forced to sit at my niece's table in a pink velvet chair..ha ha ha
 I love how all the girls have some sort of pink on! Cousins at play- Sydney, Ellie and Alani...having girl time!
And our newest, Sleeping Beauty...lil' Audrey...made it home with my sister from the Hospital. My sister and baby are now safe and cozy and home...we watched lil' Sydney, so my sister could get some extra rest...
we celebrated our cousin-slumber-party with milk and cookies in bed!!!

we had the happiest lil' slumber party....cookies, movies, and lots of giggling! ha ha ha ha

milk and cookies and girls outnumbering boys in our family, kandee

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Before & After

here was me and my sister when we arrived (VERY EXCITED) at the hospital on May 22nd, around 7:30-ish at night- after we had dinner!
My sister, Tiffany, with the biggest her baby belly can get!
The differences are:
she no longer had the baby in her belly
i have a different color tank top on
she took her contacts out- glasses on
my hair looks awful
neither one of us have really slept in the last 24 hours
she has a new, more faded gown on
and my heart grew even more proud of my sister, than it already was, to witness her strength and "labor" of love to get this baby here.....


And this was my "accessory-of-the-day":
....these 2 stickers for security to get into the Mother-Infant Unit!

I am too excited to feel tired, ha ha ha ha, kandee

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My sister went into labor yesterday!

My little sister, Tiffany had her baby early this morning!
This is sort of how it went down:
I tell my sister I will massage her feet, because I heard someone say it starts labor.
(I'm chalking it up to my foot massage that sent her into labor! ha ha ha)
We watch a funny comedy video.
We go downstairs to eat dinner.
I go to feed Ellie.
I see my sister walk by the doorway and say "my water broke"....
I think she's kidding and ask, "for real?"
She says, "yeah"....
I grab my phone- and try to catch up with them at the car...
My mom takes Ellie and I say bye to the kids.
We race to hospital- laughing and she does awesome!

I was so honored to be my sister's labor coach! Me and her hubby were there the whole. Feeding her ice, snacks, water and juice.

The hours seemed to fly by at first...
and I was so proud of my sister!

We counted down through all her contractions, telling her when they were peaking and then that were going to slow down. She did so well!

Then at 5am, her little baby girl made it to the world. Perfect and according to this auntie- she's absolutely beautiful! (insert proud auntie smile!)

I don't even care that I haven't had much sleep...I just made it back to take a shower and all I want to do is go back to the hospital to hold that precious angel!

Off to go hold her....kandee


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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waiting for baby...

Miss Ellie Belle and her light-up, princess wand and Me...
My sister didn't go into labor we went to get sandwiches for lunch and smoothies afterwards.
Me and my sister had never been to an ULTA before, so we headed their after lunch- since it was right next door to the smoothie place.
Ellie found some fun little boxes with handles like a purse- we love "purse-like" things.
After we found some goodies we headed back for nap time for Ellie and my sister.
Me and my sister filmed a fun video- a sort of "what's in your bag for labor at the hospital" and what to take when you go into labor.
My sister is going to the hospital because she had some things with her heart. She will be good and my greatest excitement is to be able to be there to help coach her on! I am so honored and excited that she wants me there!
Then I made a haul video of all teh goodies I got at Ulta.
We ate a yummy spaghetti dinner, with yummy avocado and cranberry topped salad, roasted chicken and garlic bread...made by my sister's sweet in-laws.
Followed by an ice cream party.
My sister makes me laugh so hard, even when she's giant and pregnant!

And now I'm typing this as all my babies are fast asleep...
 I wish they made these silver gladiator like sandals (they are hand me downs from my niece) in my size! They are Pedipeds...I think the rest of her outft is from Target. You know me and my love of Target. And there is no Target in the Santa Barbara area near my sister! Cray-zay....ha ha ha

princess wands, kandee

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Monday, May 21, 2012

How to Play House

 First you take your pretend broom and sweep and your "playhouse". Then you stop and look at all that you swept.

Then maybe you realize you need to put your sweater on and go get something from the store so you hop in your red sportscar.

Ellie loved playing in my sisters backyard. My niece has fun things like a little playhouse with a doorbell, that we love.

It's so and my sister used to play house when we were little and pretend we were mommies, and to stand in my sisters backyard with her and watch our little ones playing together, it was just amazing.

i bet it's been a long time since you wanted to play house and pretend you were cleaning (ha ha ha ha), pretending I'm typing, (ha ha ha) kandee


Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Most Popular Pool Toys...and why....

Ok, it's official. Me and my sister seem to have discovered the most popular pool toys and we didn't even know we bought the same brand toys!
This was Ellie, in her "lilypad" floaty toy for babies by Swim Ways. My sister actually bought this for my niece when she was smaller. Ellie loved it and even started to fall asleep on the big puffy part! ha ha ha Then I got her out for a real nappy nap.
My sister got the Little Lily pad at Toys R Us.

Then I got my "yacht" (that I blogged about yesterday) aka The SS Ariel at Target. Everyone, kid and mom, whether boy or girl asked where we got it! And the second we'd leave it unwatched or unused, some kid would get in it and start floating on it!

I told my sister, "great minds think alike"...ha ha ha, that how we both bought fun Swim Ways floating toys! They make the coolest stuff! PS they make even cuter things and boy ones too. They make a little tugboat thats so cute, too.

And the SS Ariel (aka my yacht) my sisters preggy belly perfectly! She floated with her baby belly in the middle of the floaty, tummyside down and said it felt so good to take all the pressure off her tummy and back! (and her doc told her to just "go float in the pool" til baby decides to come out!

so if you want to have the most popular, wanted swim toys at the pool.....get yourself a Swim Ways water toy and you'll be the center of pool desires....but you might have to ask random little kids to give your floaty toy we kept doing! ha ha ha ha

blower upper of floaty rafts, kandee

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Weekend Plans- labor and yachting!

Well....we're still waiting for my sister to say any second that she's in labor...
Until then her doctor to her to just float in the pool.....

So looks like we'll all be packing up our swim suits and heading to the pool!

And sometimes fashion or beauty bloggers or celebrities post tweets and things, about them being on yachts and fancy things....well, I know I already posted it on instagram, but here's my yacht! I know, I know, quit bragging. I did name it the S.S. Ariel, in case you see it cruising the French Riviera- yeah, baby that's mine!

Ellie in her new swim suit.
My sister informed me, as she handed me a "lil' swimmer's" diaper for the pool, that they don't hold "pee" they are just for catching poop! ha ha ha ha ha Great!

We did see another baby at the pool with just  a regular diaper on...his diaper had swelled to like, 27 times its normal size, and poor guy had like a 20 pound diaper full of water hanging on to his lil body!

Our biggest plans this weekend....may be me finally getting to coach my sister through labor!! I am so excited!!!

What is everyone else doing this weekend? Is anyone else in labor? ha ha ha ha

huge and bathing suits...I try not to look at my body in the suit and just get in the water as fast as I can ha ha ha ha....

Esther Williams, I mean, kandee

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Friday, May 18, 2012

Getting Ready For Baby....

 The Car Seat cover for my sister's little baby is fully dolled up!
The cover it from Ritzy Baby.
It looks like a cupcake- so you know I love it!
We put the little pink infant headrest in and now it's complete!
How cute is that pink rose fabric- it's like 3D fabric!
And I love my sister's pink rug.....
As I typed this my lil niece it sitting next to me tickling my head....and said, "hey there's baby sisters carseat". She's 3, and adorable. She reminds me of a brunette Shirley Temple.

We arre just waiting for my sister to go into labor. I think baby will be here tonight! We'll see if I'm right! I'm her labor coach and plan on making her laugh her way through labor!

waiting for baby, kandee


Thursday, May 17, 2012

My priceless NEW wallet....

This wallet far more valuable than any Louis Vuitton or any other fancy pants wallet you could buy in a store...
It is my mother's day gift that Alani made me.
It is made out of purple duct tape and felt flowers.
She made it at school and proudly surprised me with it.
This is how she wrapped it.
Which I loved.
Her and Blakey had been very busy...and when I called to see what they were doing...they said, "An art project".....
Alani also made me this...which she called an "art card"....
I almost don't even want to use the wallet she made because I want to cherish it and protect it...but I want her to know how much I love it and use it everyday... heart is filled with so much love for my precious babies...tears drip down my face and I thank God for blessing me with these precious little souls.
My mama heart loves them so much and I'm so grateful and thankful for my little angel babies.
My greatest gift in all the world is each one of my babies.

Big hugs from my mama heart, kandee

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zoo-riffic Day and Pregnancy Scooters

Me, Ellie and our picture with a giraffe...
Yesterday we took my "over-due" sister, to the zoo! ha ha ha
We had her ride in a "scooter" like this:
This is her very, pregnant self...lauging after she got her lesson in how to operate her scooter! She could go so fast her hair would blow back! ha ha ha
Blaker pushing an empty stroller...while my sister cruises in her "scoot-a-seat"...ha ha ha She'd spin around real fast to turn and I could help but bust up, laughing!

 Ellie and a little "treasure" she found- the kids though she caught a worm...but to their disappointment it wasn't.

 Me and Ellie sliding down the fake grass hill. The zoo puts out cardboard pieces to slide down the hill on. Sydney liked going with me, because we went suuuuuuuper slow.
 Blakey trying to do tricks and "surf" down the hill. Little boys always do stunts.
 Alani who was a speedracer down the hill!
 Ellie in the big bird's nest.
 Trying to see some animals...
 When the big Gorilla walked by carrying his little burlap sack to sit on...Blakey said..."look at his funny buns"...and the whole room started laughing! My lil' funny man!
 Alani used to say Flamingoes were her favorite...but we realized they smell so bad, we were not sure if they made our favorite list anymore. ha ha ha
 Blakey, safely watching the "reptile" area behind the glass....this was not my favorite part! ha ha ha
 Snow Leopard giving us a yawn.
 Alani and Blakey fed the goats...the goats would jump up on the rails to get some food!
 My sister, Tiffany, took a break from her scooting to stand up and help feed the goats...I kept asking, "are you in labor yet?!?"...ha ha ha ha
me and little Ellie...looking at all the cactus....

Look Giraffes!!!
We had a "zoo-per" day (ha ha ha- insert cornball joke! check!)...we ate dippin' dots and rode on the lil train...and for the love of my kids, I went and looked at the snaked with them...ehhhhhh, me no likey the snakes!

We stayed til the zoo closed! Cuz that's how wild we are! ha ha ha
zoo-be-doo-be-doo, kandee

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