Thursday, May 17, 2012

My priceless NEW wallet....

This wallet far more valuable than any Louis Vuitton or any other fancy pants wallet you could buy in a store...
It is my mother's day gift that Alani made me.
It is made out of purple duct tape and felt flowers.
She made it at school and proudly surprised me with it.
This is how she wrapped it.
Which I loved.
Her and Blakey had been very busy...and when I called to see what they were doing...they said, "An art project".....
Alani also made me this...which she called an "art card"....
I almost don't even want to use the wallet she made because I want to cherish it and protect it...but I want her to know how much I love it and use it everyday... heart is filled with so much love for my precious babies...tears drip down my face and I thank God for blessing me with these precious little souls.
My mama heart loves them so much and I'm so grateful and thankful for my little angel babies.
My greatest gift in all the world is each one of my babies.

Big hugs from my mama heart, kandee

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