Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Pimp Your Carseat

 Take your carseat from plain looking and scratchy fabric to adorable and soft and cozy as baby's favorite blanket!

One of the most essential pieces of baby gear- the carseat!
But most come in more boring colors, really scratchy, "non-soft" fabrics- now you can dazzle up any carseat, new or hand-me down or the one you used from your last baby!
Some carseat covers are super expensive, costing more than the carseat itself! But I've found ones that are half that price, cute, super cute, and worth every penny to make your baby cozy and comfy in a snuggly new infant cover! Average Infant carseat covers range from $60-$200, but I'm gonna show you all the ones I love and their all under 100 bucks! (trust me, these are worth it, they make the carseat so much more comfy for baby- and the bonus is they are super cute!)

Now be prepared to get compliments ALL the time and people asking where you got it, ALL the time, like I did!

I gave my sister Ellie's (AKA Cupcake) infant carseat for her new baby that will be here in less than two weeks! This was the carseat cover I got for Ellie (which somehow we've lost- except for the canopy that's still on the carseat...ugh)

Here's my favs: (don't worry, I got pic of boy ones below too!
#1 Lollipop Leopard Pink Ruffle Infant Car Seat Cover
from Baby Bella Maya
Prices start at $74.95
Easy to put on.
* I did it myself.
You can even get a matching blanket.
It was more fuzzy, so perfect for winter babies.
 I was going to buy this one again for my sister, because she loved it too, but they are SOLD OUT right man. But that is what lead to me hunting more carseats and writing this post, so maybe it was a good thing! ha ha
 Baby Bella Maya makes infant boy carseat covers too, here's just one I liked.(cuz, I've had boys too!)

#2 Baby Pink Roses 3D/Cheetah Infant Car Seat Cover from Ritzy Baby
prices start at $74.95
I love the roses on this one.
They come in minky fabric
which is super soft.
And it's reversible.
I think the arm pad is optional.
And I LOVE these because they are padded with 2" of batting, because carseats are never very comfy. How'd you like to sit on hard plastic with just some fabric on top to try to sleep on! ha ha

Or this Damask Cover is so chic- you're ready to hit the streets of Paris:

And here's some of the Ritz Baby Boy options for your future rockstar:
or maybe a little modern owl for your lil one that will be up at night too: hootie hooooo
 #3 Sassy Covers Baby Boutique
Sassy Covers offers just fabric slip-covers or "padded-infant covers" which are like these, starting at $69.00
I love that these are padded!!!
I love that use minky fabric- so comfy you'll want a minky blanky too!
These are the most budget-friendly.
You can even DESIGN YOUR OWN carseat- you can send them your own fabric and they'll make you a custom infant car seat cover- truly be an original, let your inner designer come out!

 And this modern, animal pattern will keep your lil guy comfy and stylin'!
Or get your green groove on to rock the streets from LA to the UK:

 And check their website- yes, they have camo ones too!

Hope this helped you on your carseat cover hunt! Gettin ready to go order one for my sissy and her little baby on the after I order it, my old one will pop up! ha ha ha

I heart make-overs of all kinds, kandee

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