Thursday, May 3, 2012

Twinkle Light Goodnight

 Fresh from bathtime...everyone was playing around on my bed...
My favorite part was when Ellie (aka cupcake) said "book" when she looked at Blakey and he said, "Nice try Elyse! You're very close. I'm so proud of you!"....and then he kept saying "Blake", to help teach her to call him Blake and not "Book"....but she already calls him "Bay-kee".
Moments like these are what make my life the happiest!
And then we thought something was really funny! You can even see her little lower teeth! Now that means something is hilarious!

My love bugs are up now...and ofcourse everyone gave each other hugs and kisses as soon as they see each other is awake...they are so precious. Ellie gave Blakey's arm, like 3 kisses this morning. ha hah a

twinkle lights and morning hugs, kandee

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