Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Waiting for baby...

Miss Ellie Belle and her light-up, princess wand and Me...
My sister didn't go into labor yet...so we went to get sandwiches for lunch and smoothies afterwards.
Me and my sister had never been to an ULTA before, so we headed their after lunch- since it was right next door to the smoothie place.
Ellie found some fun little boxes with handles like a purse- we love "purse-like" things.
After we found some goodies we headed back for nap time for Ellie and my sister.
Me and my sister filmed a fun video- a sort of "what's in your bag for labor at the hospital" and what to take when you go into labor.
My sister is going to the hospital because she had some things with her heart. She will be good and my greatest excitement is to be able to be there to help coach her on! I am so honored and excited that she wants me there!
Then I made a haul video of all teh goodies I got at Ulta.
We ate a yummy spaghetti dinner, with yummy avocado and cranberry topped salad, roasted chicken and garlic bread...made by my sister's sweet in-laws.
Followed by an ice cream party.
My sister makes me laugh so hard, even when she's giant and pregnant!

And now I'm typing this as all my babies are fast asleep...
 I wish they made these silver gladiator like sandals (they are hand me downs from my niece) in my size! They are Pedipeds...I think the rest of her outft is from Target. You know me and my love of Target. And there is no Target in the Santa Barbara area near my sister! Cray-zay....ha ha ha

princess wands, kandee

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