Friday, September 30, 2011

How to get your Mac fixed at the Apple Store!

Day 2- at the Apple store...
I know the computer tech by name now....we are friends now.

The store greeter also welcomed me back.

 This was Alani playing a Dora game on the kids computer table while we waited...she loved this game and we even needed a tech to come fix something wrong with this computer! ha ha ha
We took silly pictures while we waited....
I took Blaker to go use the bathroom...I didn't even know they had bathrooms at Apple stores...

We ate vanilla scones and the kids  had little boxes  of organic chocolate milk from the nearby snack on...

then we got groceries...Blakey weighed all our produce (no one asked and we never weigh it anyway, but her thought it was fun)
When we walked by the meat dept, the man made the chicken legs dance when the kids asked where the heads of the chickens went...I don't know if they thought it was funny or weird.
My little healthy kids...they helped me load our cart with one of our favorite snacks and smoothie ingredients:  Sambazon Frozen Acai.
Blakey loves my smoothies, with the Flax Seeds, Kale and berries.

Everyone is fast asleep as I type this...Today my favorite parts were, playing matchbox cars with Blake, every moment holding baby, when Jordan calls me "kind ma'am", because he's funny, and when Alani came out dressed like a princess and invited me to a ball in her room.

Most every day my heart wants to burst with love and joy...that I get to be the mama to these little blessings...they are my most favorite parts of my day...
huge love and hopefully fixed computers... your kandee

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Why LA is not as "Dirt-y" as You think!

Leave it to a little boy to find the only patch of dirt on the streets of LA...
My Blaker loves:
this animal muppets shirt
car or trucks
and ofcourse "dandy" -which is better known to everyone else as candy
 Alani even got in on the dirt stomping...but as you can see it didn't last that long...
proves it's just a boy thing! ha ha ah
(and by the way- we did not kick the dirt that is outside of the "dirt square" looks like this must be a popular spot for little boys to get their "great outdoors" on, in the city)

love and squares of dirt... your kandee

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Color Therapy: kitchen things I love

 When we were at the Grove in LA....we went to one of my favorite stores for fun home decor goodies... Anthropologie.
It is whimsy, colorful, vintage, eclectic, flea market looking...and I love it. It always smells like yummy candles inside too. I'm a sucker for anything yummy smelling- candles, perfumes, stores.....
 I love all the colored bowls, plates, glasses...everything. I just want the whole store to be my kitchen!
My favorite are these summer-sky, blue bowls....I own some on other colors...but I loved this color. And I didn't buy one bowl....insert sad face. How I would love to eat ice cream out of the bowls! ha ha
 Look at these delicious, turquoise colored crystal drawer knobs....I just want to buy them so I can, make any dresser or nightstand over by adding these babies!
If's a drawer knob thingy..but a flower that looks kinda like my favorite rose ring! How cute would this be on a white, glossy dresser!?!

Did this get your creative juices flowing? Or at least give your eyes a little "color therapy"? I hope so!
Let's pretend we are going to eat some of our favorite ice cream on my "pretend porch", out of those yummy turquoise bowls...and then maybe we'll sip some homemade strawberry lemonade "we just made"...and swing on my "imaginary hammock"....we're going to have a lovely afternoon together!

I love ya! kandee

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Funny Face and Bumbo

this face gave me a "love attack"- that's when you're heart can take all the love that it feels in it's heart! ha ha ha
This is my little missy cutie face...she doesn't like to suck on pacifiers, but she likes to bite em like this!

 Bumbo's are great. I wish we had the cute pink or lavender one...but hey, this was a "hand-me-down" and I like this turquoisey color too, just the pink or even lime green ones are so cute! Alani had a lavender one when she was a baby...and as you can see we don't have that one anymore.

Baby sits in her Bumbo while I stand next to her and either inhale a meal or chug down a smoothie- which is what was happening in this picture when she made this face and I almost choked on my smoothie laughing!

I can't believe she's 8 months old already...I just want to hold her all day and stare at her little face..because I already feel like I am going to miss this age. I love her chubby hands and legs, her little baby voice babbling, and her precious little eyes that look at me with such love and mini-eyebrow raises, like her mama.

They are only babies for what feels like a few months....I just enjoy every moment. I still don't even mind waking up all night long, because it just means I get to cuddle her! I'll have years and years of sleeping through the night ahead of me!

sleepless but with a heartfull of love..... kandee

Monday, September 26, 2011

Look What We Found

Look what we found on our Sunday "Funtiquing" day....
what is "Fun-tiquing" you ask....
Well after church, then after our Mexican fiesta lunch, I wanted to go walk around our local antique store which always has the coolest treasures.
(I got my $5 dollar antique earrings I wore to the Emmy's there!)

But this is where I must mention that Jordan and his to other 14 year old friend were with us...
and it seems that most 14 year old boys are not fans of antique stores.
I promised them they would find cool treasures and think it was fun....
the did not get out of the car.

I again told them how fun it would be and that they needed to get out of the car.
Once inside, they were taking longer to look at everything than I was!

Among the treasures we saw (but did not buy)...were all the cool vintage Barbie doll carrying cases...
See the one's a Barbie and Midge doll case!
this it was it looked like had little pink drawers and a little bar to hang their little, Barbie and Midge clothes on!
Then I saw a Miss Teen Barbie "Teen Age Fashion Model", Carrying case! So cute! All the cases were around $30-$45.
Don't worry Ken didn't miss out, we even saw a Ken doll, case too! Hey Ken had clothes, he just didn't go around in his plastic undies!
And among the things the boys liked: this old football helmet, a C3PO model from the 70's, these kinda scary looking dark, red glasses and goblets, old-fashioned razors that men used to shave their faces with, and a little travel hanger that folder up to look like it could fit on your pocket.

And when we left they said, "Can you believe we've been in here for an hour? It doesn't even feel like it?"

And they said, "who would of thought antiquing would be that much fun?!"


and they actually all laughed....if you knew how hard it is to make 14 year old boys laugh...that's worth a little pat on my back!

Fun-tiquing  and happy Funday (it sounds better than Monday!)....your kandee

Friday, September 23, 2011

Cozy, Comfy, Baby Outing Must Haves

We are big (and when I say "we", I mean lil Miss Cupcake or me and her together)
We sit in high chairs at restaurants- well at least for a little while.
We like things to be comfy and germ free...
So we, okay, back to just saying me...or I
I bought a high chair/ shopping cart cover to keep baby extra cozy and free from  "whatever germs-the-baby-that-sat-there-before-left-behind"...
-It comes with a little pillow and a carrying case...
but we (yep there we go again), like to chew on the little velvety seen above
I was playing around in photoshop and somehow Cupcake's hair got quite Lucille Ball-ish colored...but I'm too exhausted to play around and change it back- yes, I can say that, I am too tired. As a mama of 4, who stays up too late trying to blog and upload photos, and with a baby that wakes up a lot...I am tired. I am very tired. I have rings bigger than anything Kim Kardashian has on her fingers, under my eyes.

Oh by the wayside- if you wanna know just what high chair/ shopping cart cover I have in these here pictures, it's the Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Deluxe Cozy Cart Cover
You can get it here at :
Or I got mine at Babies R Us, here:

But my all-time favorite shopping cart cover is not the Bright Starts one, but they didn't have it at Babies R Us...It is the most padded, comfy, easy to put on, easy to carry, comes with a pouch to hold your keys, wallet, toys, bottles (if you use them), room to stash a clean diaper and wipes too....I actually like it way better for the shopping cart than the Bright Starts one...

It's the Buggy Bagg and it comes in other patterns too! I got a really cool black and cream Toile print one (I don't think they make that print anymore) when I had Alani and used it with Blaker too, until, well, I don't know where it is or where it went. 
I don't think it fits on high chairs...but it's worth it for grocery shopping, cruising through Whole Foods and trips to Target. I got so many compliments on it every time we used it. 
Click here to see them:

I like to have babies as comfy as they can be at all times, whether next to me in a sling or cozy and comfy as we shop for groceries.
Love sharing my fav finds with you guys....
cozy hugs and shopping carts, kandee

Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a smart glass!

Everyone want to be smart. Or at least look smart. Even lemonade.
And nothing says intelligence like a glass wearing glasses.
We discovered that Alani's doll glasses fit perfectly on our lemonade glass. And made us all laugh. I think we shall always carry little glasses with us to put on our beverage glasses from now on.
(and thanks to  my Great-Gramma for always using the word "shall")

mini eyeglasses on glasses...your kandee

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The most popular place to go with your baby in LA!

I love it when she makes this face!

I have discovered the "go to" place when you have a baby in LA-
The Grove -outdoor shopping wonderland...
(at the Farmer's Market on 3rd and Fairfax)
it is amazing and you don't even need to buy a thing!
There is music playing- Frank Sinatra style....water shows, a little bridge with fountain statues, cobblestone streets,a little trolley to ride on, and at Christmas time the bring in snow machines and make it snow in LA from the rootops!
It is one of my favorite places to just go walk around.
(lil pumkin' outing number 2 in a highchair...she loves it!)
BUT....I noticed the other day as we ate lunch there...that if you go during the day in the week it is THE SPOT to go if you have a baby.
I saw more moms, gramma's, strollers and babies in slings, carriers, all over the was almost strange to see someone without a baby because there were babies and kids everywhere!
It was great.
 LUNCH: I don't know the name of the Italian place, but it's right next to the water fountains and the kids love to watch the fountain show...the best place to take kids to eat, because they are so busy watching everything going on! If you go- try the Butter Sage Spinach Ravioli- so good my mouth is watering right now.
Blakey sipping his yummy orange juice drink!
Blakey dancing to the music with his balloon...we had tried to have lunch at the American Girl Cafe for Alani, but for reasons unknown to the employees, who informed us that the Cafe was closed... we then went to the above mentioned delicious Italian place, then headed for the Haagen-Dazs ice cream stand.

And saw another 50 or so moms with babies...even a girl pushing her dog in a baby stroller! ha ha ha

your fav baby toting girl named (I will still refer to myself as a girl, even when I'm 97).... kandee

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to breastfeed at the Emmy's.....

I have no idea how all those celebrities that just had babies go to long award shows like the Emmy's, Oscars, Grammy's, Wammy's, Slammy's (ok I just made up the last two)... Especially if they are nursing and or their babies don't like drinking from a bottle, which makes pumping milk useless.

Enter Cupcake:
We have tried pumping, which takes forever, can be painful if you don't have the right pump, and is no where near as efficient as baby just drinking from the boob- we have had zero success. Does not even like pacifiers (and I refuse to be one of those people that just shoves a pacifier in their babies mouths insisting they will like "like it eventually"), so why would I think she'd like a bottle...I don't know. I tried several kinds..and we don't like any of them.

Enter the Emmy's:
This was pretty much the longest amount of time I've ever been away from her...we are always together 24/7 (which I love...although sometimes I do enjoy when someone will hold her so I can take a nice peaceful, non-singing like crazy to keep her entertained in her bouncing chair, shower) we set up a plan, my mom within a few minute walk at the hotel with the kids...she would text me and tell me how baby was doing.
So as the girl sitting next to me said, "we only have 1 hour left" and we commented on how the show seems longer when you're sitting there than when you're free to go to the bathroom and get a snack, at home. When you are sitting there, it's hard to get up and with everyone's fancy dresses taking up aisle space, the you can only get up at commercial breaks, and then if the show starts you are locked out until the next commercial break to come and sit down again.
mom texts me that baby is hungry....
I immediately get up at the break and try to jog-walk in my dress...and go as fast as I can in my big ruffles and shoes back to  few blocks I have to walk...
SECURITY tells me that I can't come back in- you go through 2 metal detectors and 2 searches- they don't mess around.
I said "ok" baby is more important than an awards show, and took off speed walkin'!
Fed baby, watched the end of the Emmy's from my hotel room...

the kids all told me I looked pretty...and I felt pretty too! My sweethearts....
Configured my dress again...changed baby's diaper, then headed back to the Governor's ball...
mama rocked baby to sleep and she slept til I got back and washed off all my "fancy make-up" and sweat from running all over the place in my high heels (which I never wear)...
And that is how you nurse a baby at an awards show! ha ha ha

huge love and nursing bras... your kandee

Monday, September 19, 2011

Joan's on 3rd: Our first time in a real "restaurant" high chair!

 Our first time, and when I say "our" know I am speaking on behalf of little Cupcake (who's real name is ofcourse, not Cupcake), in a real restaurant high chair! (We sit on our high chair at home all the time- but out and about this was our first time!)
where: One of my favorite places to eat in LA, Joan's on 3rd. It's fun, you go order at the counter or shop for a baked treat of yummy food in their store, then you can go sit outside and consume all your delish treats!
 she loved it! And I was so excited to be able to eat without holding a bouncing-on-my-lap-baby, while I drop food all over my lap! ha ha ha
the little "animal" face peeking our from the left is Blaker's shirt...we love this shirt! Go muppets!
 we got cupcakes!
me and my courtesy of mom, but you can see her purse dangling from her empty chair! Yummy lunch and hooray for restaurant-high chair success! If only I had remembered our little high chair time.

cupcakes and high chairs..... kandee

Friday, September 16, 2011

What the week has been going on!?

this week has felt like a whirlwind of "what am I doing- where am I going- where is that thing I was just looking for- and "what time do I need to be where?!?"......

late breaking news in my life and happenings:

1. we just got home from NYC and did not even unpack yet- except for my toothbrush and dirty clothes which I had to wash already

2. i came home and while I was gone my dad (and Jordan helped too) had totally cleaned, organized, and made my garage look amazing! It needs to be in a magazine called "Awesome Garages", now!

3. I'm going to the Emmy's (insert cartwheeling!)- more on that on my blog...and I ordered a cheap vintage dress on ebay to wear- and it fits totally weird.

4. Tried to find a new vintage treasure at a thrift store/re-selling place last night...Blakey kept running in and throwing the curtains in the dressing room apart, right when I only had underwear on, so the whole store got an unwanted view of myself. (i apologize to the 3 people in the store)

5. I am happy to be home if only for enough time to wash dirty clothes and re-pack everyone's suitcases- big suit cases, baby suitcases, little princess suitcases, little lightning mcqueen suitcases... lots of suitcases.

6. Happy to be home and I can blend up my smoothies again.

7. Not as happy that I returned home to an overwhelming, and when i say that...i mean pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of emails (and that's just my work email address), real mail, voice messages, too many texts to get back to, and my angry mail lady that yells at me because I "get too much mail".

8. and thanks to all the haters that tried to ruin my contest videos...I've been waiting to hear back from Youtube to fix them so we can re-post the contest videos! I am extending the contest once the videos are up, so everyone can be a part!

9. now i have a pretty big list of things to do before we pack up the car this afternoon...
changing diapers, making snack and trying to do laundry and pack everyone's suitcases...

10. and I didn't put any make-up on....(or do my hair) to the people that asked, "are you kandee johnson yesterday".....hope I didn't scare you without my make-up on!

your kandee

PS i loved the turquoise suitcases from a window display in NYC, somewhere on 5th Ave i think...

Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do in an airport with 20 minutes!

 who: me and my little Cuppycakey in one of her neon pink onesies (I think I got it at Babies R Us, maybe- it came with other boring colors like "heather grey" and "white")- I'm wearing my new fav accessory- the Cornelia Chewbeads Bracelet in Punchy Pink, and yes it chewable- I love them!

where: JFK airport
what:  good news because the airline ladies told us we had 20 minutes til we would board the plane---
so what that meant was..."whoooooooo hooooo we have 20 minutes to get a goodie!"
my goodie of choice: a pomegranate frozen yogurt with graham cracker- it's sounds weird, even I thought, this is gonna be gross for  a sec...but it tasted like cheesecake!

BONUS info I would add to a list of my talents: I can eat yogurt with one hand- my left hand...which is good because I'm right handed...I know, I know....I will add it to my talents such as...I can walk and talk at the same time...I can drink water and think at the same time...ha ha ha ha

oh how fun it would be if I had a frozen yogurt machine at my house!....
treats and hugs for your matter how crazy it is- if you don't have a treat- feel me sedning a hug....i love ya more than all the treats in the world...kandee

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Babies on a plane....

 ON THE PLANE.... from the east coast to the west coast...
 My lil' traveler....wearing my hat

 who knew my hat would be such a fun airplane toy?!? She was not event the youngest passenger on the plane, there was a 12 day old baby too!
she loves to fly and smile at all the airline staff!
there's something pretty amazing about watching the world and sky from way up in the air- even amazing to babies!
safely on the ground again... and a second helping of the caramel brownies they handed out for me, later....
kandee who has the "hugest" list of thing of things to do today.....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Toys and Tutus and the City

well sure there may be Sex and the City...but we are pretty much just Tutu or Toy and the City here...
we don't mess around when it comes to chew toys (we- and I say we loosely, because pretty much me and little Cupcake are together so much, "we" can say "we are a we"...because we have some serous favorites:
#1. Any of my fingers (with clean hands ofcourse)
#2. anything in site becomes a chew toy, almost
#3.  again...ANYTHING in site will become a chew toy
(we ate teething) Insert sad face....
Where'd ya get that Tutu Kandee?- you might be askin'- Target.

I have more cool photos from being in NYC...but I am so tired...I keep falling asleep on my computer, as I have done almost every singls night i've been in NYC. Up til 2-3 am trying to upload photos and blog...ok this is ridiculous, I almost fell asleep again...
We've got a long day tomorrow so I'm going to go to sleep right now....
sweet dreams or even sweeter awakeness... your friend, who will have more awesome posts tomorrow~ kandee

Monday, September 12, 2011

Mama & Me Matching Leopard

 Me and my lil' lady heading out to dinner in NYC...
she wears hot pink leopard leggings from Tarjay (or better known as Target)
headband: Baby Bella Maya
diaper bag: (which I got compliments on today at the Fashion Shows- "I love your purse!"....ha ha no one knew it was really a diaper bag)- it's from Timi & Leslie in the Marilyn in black. 
It's the most chic diaper bag I've ever seen...I have a few diaper bags (each one has a different "best" feature) but this one I actually used as a purse today!

We had a great's sleeping...I want to be too! sweet dreams and even sweeter days! xoxo your kandee


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