Thursday, September 15, 2011

What to do in an airport with 20 minutes!

 who: me and my little Cuppycakey in one of her neon pink onesies (I think I got it at Babies R Us, maybe- it came with other boring colors like "heather grey" and "white")- I'm wearing my new fav accessory- the Cornelia Chewbeads Bracelet in Punchy Pink, and yes it chewable- I love them!

where: JFK airport
what:  good news because the airline ladies told us we had 20 minutes til we would board the plane---
so what that meant was..."whoooooooo hooooo we have 20 minutes to get a goodie!"
my goodie of choice: a pomegranate frozen yogurt with graham cracker- it's sounds weird, even I thought, this is gonna be gross for  a sec...but it tasted like cheesecake!

BONUS info I would add to a list of my talents: I can eat yogurt with one hand- my left hand...which is good because I'm right handed...I know, I know....I will add it to my talents such as...I can walk and talk at the same time...I can drink water and think at the same time...ha ha ha ha

oh how fun it would be if I had a frozen yogurt machine at my house!....
treats and hugs for your matter how crazy it is- if you don't have a treat- feel me sedning a hug....i love ya more than all the treats in the world...kandee


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