Friday, September 16, 2011

What the week has been going on!?

this week has felt like a whirlwind of "what am I doing- where am I going- where is that thing I was just looking for- and "what time do I need to be where?!?"......

late breaking news in my life and happenings:

1. we just got home from NYC and did not even unpack yet- except for my toothbrush and dirty clothes which I had to wash already

2. i came home and while I was gone my dad (and Jordan helped too) had totally cleaned, organized, and made my garage look amazing! It needs to be in a magazine called "Awesome Garages", now!

3. I'm going to the Emmy's (insert cartwheeling!)- more on that on my blog...and I ordered a cheap vintage dress on ebay to wear- and it fits totally weird.

4. Tried to find a new vintage treasure at a thrift store/re-selling place last night...Blakey kept running in and throwing the curtains in the dressing room apart, right when I only had underwear on, so the whole store got an unwanted view of myself. (i apologize to the 3 people in the store)

5. I am happy to be home if only for enough time to wash dirty clothes and re-pack everyone's suitcases- big suit cases, baby suitcases, little princess suitcases, little lightning mcqueen suitcases... lots of suitcases.

6. Happy to be home and I can blend up my smoothies again.

7. Not as happy that I returned home to an overwhelming, and when i say that...i mean pages and pages and pages and pages and pages of emails (and that's just my work email address), real mail, voice messages, too many texts to get back to, and my angry mail lady that yells at me because I "get too much mail".

8. and thanks to all the haters that tried to ruin my contest videos...I've been waiting to hear back from Youtube to fix them so we can re-post the contest videos! I am extending the contest once the videos are up, so everyone can be a part!

9. now i have a pretty big list of things to do before we pack up the car this afternoon...
changing diapers, making snack and trying to do laundry and pack everyone's suitcases...

10. and I didn't put any make-up on....(or do my hair) to the people that asked, "are you kandee johnson yesterday".....hope I didn't scare you without my make-up on!

your kandee

PS i loved the turquoise suitcases from a window display in NYC, somewhere on 5th Ave i think...


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