Monday, September 5, 2011

Disturbing photo: In honor of Labor Day

(photo source:
I have no idea who's baby this is, or who would even created such a picture. Obviously, this baby doesn't want to be wearing a suit, lady shoes, a wig, or be in a little pretend office. I don't even want to know how they got the baby in the chair or kept it there, to be honest this picture upsets me and makes me just want to rescue that poor baby.

*This post in on honor of Labor Day, which is today- 
Labor Day is a United States federal holiday observed on the first Monday in September that celebrates the economic and social contributions of workers. The first big Labor Day in the United States was observed on September 5, 1882, by the Central Labor Union of New York.

So we probably all have had jobs where we feel like this baby looks....
"get me out of here!"..."SAVE ME!!!"....."somebody just hold me!"...."Can't you seen I hate this!"....
yes I could give you a huge list of jobs I've had in my lifetime that I have not really loved:
cleaning much as I love the "before and after" that cleaning provides-I did not like cleaning strangers pee off of toilets.
One job I had, many years ago, I would pretend in my head I would say: "I quit!" and walk out, in my mind....just to let me know I could quit if I wanted to and then I'd finish my shift.

I got my first official job at 16. Since I was home schooled then, (I went to 2 awful years of high school for freshman and sophomore year, where girls were mean to me, teased me about my clothes - I never made fun of their clothes, and I was incredibly shy and was frustrated because I was used to learning things quickly and moving on, not waiting for everyone to learn stuff before we could move on) I worked almost full-time. I loved that job. Contempo Casuals in the mall, it was like the Forever 21 of the 90's, but not as cheaply priced.
insert this photo of me - circa the 90's: wearing my outfit from mostly my work place....yes those are knee high socks scrunched down

being a mama.....just look at this face!
this was my take on the "baby working photo"....minus the crying, baby suit, miniature desk set/scene, andd baby wig...actually i had just set my laptop down....had changed baby's diaper, then she rolled over and this looked so funny i snapped this with my "usually-always-handy-iphone"....
happy labor day.... your kandee


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