Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fake Sunglasses, HAIRCUTS & crepes...

As you will notice in the picture below...
or maybe you won't now...I did one of the things I'm famous for:
closing my eyes in pictures...SO
I drew some sunglasses on myself!
And the picture little lovebug takes after mama, and her eyes were closed to-
PROBLEM solved: draw on sunglasses!
(see, I look totally better here...valley girl voice totally-intended)
who's in the picture: Sunglasses-McGee, my sweet friend, Bethanie, and my little mini-me
yesterday 11:45am:
my mom, post haircut by my friend who just cut moms hair, you know, that's baby Elysey-pie in her arms.

I was telling both Bethanie and my mom how I wanted to chop all my hair off- to which they both said no, they like my long hair. They both know that this is the longest it's been in 10 years! (I actually cut it all off in August 2001- so it's been 10 years since my hair was only centimeters long...ha ha)
Bethanie took us to the coolest place for lunch- I am in love with these "bottle-lights". The guy that works there, who was a cool hipster looking guy with tattoos that could've easily been a model, made these. He said his girlfriend came up with the idea and he fabricated them. They recycle all their old liquor bottles and turn them into lights! I loved these!
Then we went down the corner and tucked behind a tattoo parlor is this yummy crepe place. Bethanie treated us to Lemon Butter and Powdered Sugar crepes! They were so tiny and cute, and didn't seem so  bad to eat when they are this tiny!

PS. We were thinking of doing some fun colorings to my hair, but I didn't think baby would be happy staying any longer, so we delayed my hair fun til another time. I want soemthing fun and new. My mom got lots of "hair attention" all day....I really love her haircut and kind of wish I had it too. I'm gonna go brush my hair. (just kidding, I don't even have time to brush my hair- see how much easier the short hair would be!)

wish we could sit and share a big crepe and maybe a haircut!  Powdered sugar and love, kandee


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