Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I wanna live here and imagine these things:

I was driving the other day and drove past the welcoming I looked at it, it felt like the trees neatly lines up on each side of the driveway, with a canopy-tunnel of trees...seemed to say:
"it's cozy down this way"... I pulled over and took a picture so I could remember and show you guys what it looked like. (may this be a vacation and escape for your imagination too!)

I imagined strolling down the road with the kids on their bikes, baby snug in her sling on mama, watching the sun twinkle and dance through the leaves as we'd walk down the road in the afternoon. I imagined the sweet welcoming, peaceful feeling that just looking at this picture gives me.

I want to follow this road and smell fresh baked cookies.

I want to string twinkly lights in all the trees at Christmas.
I  imagine my cozy home, where I would have my front door painted red. I've always wanted a red front door.
I would imagine me going for walks with the kids on saturday mornings, with a mug of yummy tea in hand as we took in all the beauty.

How lovely this would be to have this view as your driveway. I would love this road. I do love this road, even if I never get to drive down it.

My imagination will drive down the road, and see, we even already went for a walk down in, with a mug of tea!

mugs of yummy tea and a walk down a beautiful road... your friend, dreaming of red front doors, kandee


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