Friday, August 26, 2011

Things to make you happy on friday: (aka what's in my iphone)

 this is/was my week, according the diary of photo called: "what I took pictures of these with my iphone"...

1. first we have miss alani, who dressed herself, complete with accessories and her most requested hair-do ever..which we call the "Palm Tree". (yes that is a princess tent in the background and Alani's collection of goodies on the chair)
 2. pictures of Ellie Bellie Boo Bear (no that's not the name on her birth certificate)...lots of pictures of my babies, but this post would be way to long if I put all the pictures I took of them this week.
 3. Frozen yogurt has long been a love of mine, way before there was a frozen yogurt shop almost next to ever Starbucks you see. I went crazy and got the Pistachio - it used to be one of my favorite flavors as a kid...this was not the same. But I always go for the rainbow sprinkles! The tahitian vanilla flavor was the favored winner for my tastebuds. Pistachio was more like poop-stachio..ok, no I don't know what poop tastes like but it sounded funny.
 4. Giant sunglasses in Target- sometimes I' have loved the giant things hanging in Target so much, that I'm almost, sort of, thinking about, being brave enough to ask someone what they do with them when they are done...and what I would need to do to see if I could have them! Giant hello kitty all I'm sayin'!
5. Brownie batter being poured and ready to hang out in the heat of the oven to be a treat! I only got to sample a bite or two...the rest were devoured by everyone other than me...which is fine. With my sweet tooth, I could easily polish off a whole sheet of brownies- but that would not be good!

happy friday...hope this was a fun vacation from your day, huge hugs and pans of brownies....
i love you more than friday!!! kandee


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