Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday Favorites:

(this was one of my favorite hair dids....please refer below under: FAVORITE HAIR: this is the picture I'll be talkin' bout. And yes that is my real hair- no wiggies- and this was after it had grown out from my shaving it really short! ha ha)

I had a pen-pal when I was little.
We loved sending each other "what's your favorite" lists.
Here's my pen-pal-favorite list to you, my internet-pen-pal:

Favorite Saturday Morning Donut: Rainbow Sprinkled cake donut with the white or chocolate frosting

Favorite Toothpaste: Tom's Toothpaste in some kind of mint flavor

Favorite TV Shows: hmmm, I like any decorating or cooking shows and the Bravo Channel, well at least when they are not showing a "real housewives show". I did watch that Millionaire Matchmaker show as I was typing my blog last sort of grossed me out a little.

Favorite Scent: vanilla, tahitian gardenia, and well more but that I can't think em them all...

Favorite pair of shoes: well, they are not really shoes but flip flop sandals....I wear my black Havaianas (or however you spell their name)

Favorite Station on Pandora: a few, but I always end up listening to the La Roux station or to relax I listen to the St. Germain or Cantoma station....or we like to listen to Reggae when we make our morning smoothies...feels like we are living on an island! ha ha

Favorite flavor gum (yes, this is a question we used to ask): speartmint or mint, for some reason I do NOT like cinnamon gum, it makes my feel like my breath is hot, not minty cool...I know, I'm weird but I love being weird...normal is so boring

Favorite hair do I've ever had: well I have 2..please refer to picture on top of this blog...and this one:

ok, so this wasn't my real hair, but I loved it....(this is the look from the Jessica Rabbit Tutorial I did-click here if you wanna look at it with your eyeballs). If I ever did this to my real hair, to bleach it then dye hair would look like red hay or straw.

3 Random Favorite things that make me happy:
*being first at a stop light (I don't know why, I think because no one is blocking my driving view)
 *how towels smell at hotels, well when they have that super sterile clean smell (otherwise my hotel-germa-phobe-i-shouldn't-have-watched-that-special-on-how-many-things-they-discovered-in-hotel-rooms-because-it-grosses-me-out-grossy-ness-kicks-in)
*seeing all my little smiling faces on saturday morning...well actually every morning, but I did title this "Saturday Favorites", so I tried to sort of stick to my own theme! ha ha ha

Piles of virtual sprinkled donuts...they are easier to "ship" and calorie free....
piles of love too...kandee


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