Monday, August 22, 2011

How To Blog (when you have kids):

*feature guest bloggers - okay, not real blog writers....but this was my "guest blogger" this morning...who just sat in my lap while tried to type.

NOTE: I rarely type with two hands because I'm holding someone with my other hand. Honestly I'd say I get to type, like the world's fastest typer, using both hands, well, very rarely. I am pretty fast typing with one hand though.

*be flexible- usually as I sit to type, I get interrupted 10 or 80 times.
No dreamy illusions of writing a blog from a trendy cafe in my designer clothes, while sipping a warm drink from a tea
I am in my mismatched pajamas, while my first "guest blogger" has now switched to "baby blogger" who I am holding with left arm while she bounces and I'm typing with the other free arm.

I am not listening to the lastest song from the most "unknown-popular" band...
I am listening to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song.

*Don't set unrealistic expectations.
Yes, I'd love to have time, or a "mysterious-never-seen" photographer capture  cool pictures for my blog. But alas, we are left with pictures mostly taken with my iphone by yours truly or by one of my "more-than-eager-to-take-pictures" little sidekicks.
And yes I would love to be able to doll up all my photos in Photoshop so they look "art worthy"...but most of the time, I barely have time to upload em and show em exactly how I took em...dark, blurry, weird angles, and sometimes showing my arm or my camera and arm.

*Try to have a good memory.
I'll start a blog and get pulled away many times while writing. So, I'll start, have to go change a diaper, get someone something, help someone wash hands, assist someone in the bathroom, put shoes on, take shoes get the idea. Then I have to go back to writing and remember the idea or sentence I was trying to write.

*Don't worry about perfection.
Perfect is boring.
I like when I read a blog with typos, it makes it real. I even like it when I find them in magazines. hee hee hee

In summary:
I used to frequent the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in Hollywood where Perez Hilton began his "blog-pire" (blog empire).  I don't have the luxury to sit in solitude at a coffee place and type up a leisure blog post, dripping with witty comments, and oozing brilliance. Most of the time I'm just delighted to hit publish  because it took me so long to type with all my precious little interruptions or it's so late, because I stayed up to type it after everyone is asleep.

And although some fancy fashion bloggers seem cool...typing from hotel balconies, or cafes in Europe, then spending hours getting dressed for cool parties with cool and famous people, then getting pictures of themselves taken by someone holding a camera that you never see....

I am typing, now on the floor, watching a little guy do "stunts" for me to watch, my phone is going off like crazy with and baby are now on the floor typing/playing. I am in pajamas, messy hair, and everyone has had breakfast except for me. I love every precious interruption, every person that my arms get to hold while I type. I have learned that imperfect is much more precious and worthwhile and valuable than perfection any day.

arms full of precious babies, kandee -the-one-handed-typer


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