Sunday, August 7, 2011

Home Sweet Flood & Santa Barbara smiles

 What happens when a pipe breaks (i don't know why other than the plumber saying the plumbing under my house is bad)...and the well has been pumping water under the house for who knows how long...means major flooding under our home. (don't worry, the landlord was called asap) The floors had been swelling and we weren't able to open some of the doors all the way - now I know why! They had to shut the water main off to help stop the flooding, so that meant no water at the house.
All I could do was laugh and say..."wow! It looks like a fountain of chocolate milk!" muddy water poured, flowed, and shot out from under the house!
 Anyway we had to go stay at my Mom's house til they can pump all the water out...and hopefully turn the water back on soon.

things I forgot to bring with me:
any sort of make-up (hence the "not-a-trace-of-make-up-on" looks in these pictures)
any type of hair product (hence the "super-nothing" look to my hair)
 hallway kisses
 side note of interest: I am in love with this little Strawberry suit....and Bubzi of Bubzbeauty (on youtube) got it somewhere in Hong Kong for Cupcake, because she loves strawberries too! It is so adorable, it's one of my favs! I love Bubz!
she had been smiling at brother, Blakey and looked at me with this cutey pie!!!
 Awww...lil munchie face! I love her so much!!!
I love kissing her head...she had, freshly bathed-baby-hair-smell...mmmmm

Blakey who was taking pictures of me..telling me: "Now, smile with your Santa Barbara smile?"
I had no idea what a "santa barbara smile would look like"...but here's what I did:
...and he said it was great! ha ha ha

highwater pants and Santa Barbara smiles....kandee


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