Monday, August 8, 2011

Foxy, Fast Dude and a Fist Full of Straws

 Using one straw is so last week.....
if you use 6'll finish your smoothie 6 times faster!
Alani and her "Six shooter Blueberry and Acai Smoothie"!...I'm still laughing about all these straws as I look at this picture and type this!

BLAKEY's "wooley bully" (AKA Rolley Pollie bug)
OK, well it's not really our pet since Blakey let him go shortly after this picture, upon my suggestion that he would be happier not living in a box.
Me: what's your "woolley bully's" name?
Blakey: Foxy

He got another, bigger "wooley bully", that he named "Fast Dude"....and he couldn't have picked a better name because as soon as he told me his name, Fast Dude has scurried real FAST down between the planks on the patio at my moms house! We'll miss you Mr. Dude.

We went to Whole Foods and stocked up on more goodies to make smoothies with tonight!

handfulls of straws....kandee


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