Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to look good in pictures when you're sick:

ha ha ha...insert the "Andy Warhol" picture effect...
You can't even tell how little or much make-up I don't have on.
You can't really tell how sick I look (ok, maybe you still can a little)
But it did eliminate all redness or lack of color in my face...because I'm in all kinds of colors 4 times!

I still feel like poop...this is the awesome blog post idea my brain came up with...
this is brilliant compared to how many typos and "what the sentence is going on?", I had when I went to re-read my other blog post....
oh when you are feels like your brain is tired and can't come up with any good thoughts too!

Sick Day...Sick pictures....and an endless amount of tissue..

Isn't it a litte too extreme when one side of your nose you can't even get any air through it's so plugged up and the other side is practically dripping....yuck!

Kleenex, vitamins and coconut oil (and I'd say a Neti Pot, but I can't find mine!).... Kandee Kleenex


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