Thursday, August 25, 2011

You know you're tired when:

1. You can't find your mascara anywhere....until you brush your teeth and realize you put your mascara away with your toothbrush.

Ok, maybe I should've named this post: "you know you're  tired, because you have a baby, and don't remember what it's like to sleep"
If you have a baby, or more than one baby, you know what I'm talking about. People will say, "oh, I'm so tired", and you look at them, with the 1.5 hours you slept the night before and more rings than a jewelry store under your eyes, and think, "are you sure you're tired, because I can tell you a tale of tiredness, that will make you tired."

Having a baby, if you are not prepared for the sleeplessness, will make you exhausted beyond exhausted. If they are "colicky" and you spend 90% of your night walking, bouncing, dancing, singing your baby back to sleep (hopefully), or you baby is teething and all previous sleeping patterns are gone and out the window. Or you have toddlers that wake up during the night...or even older ones that can't sleep, had a bad dream, or are sick, let me just tell you...eventually you will sleep through the night.

Until then...I cherish each moment (even if they are waking up every 15 minutes)...because one day I will sleep al the way from the time I go to sleep until I wake up in the morning and I will miss those little eyes looking at me with love, knowing that I can make everything better for them. The world is a cruel place and someday I won't be able to make everything better for them. But until then, I can hug, cuddle, sing, rock, bounce, and pour every ounce of "it's-okay-ness" and comfort into their hearts.

Sleepless but full of love....kandee

please feel free to pass this along to any and all tired mamma's you know to let em''s ok, you're not alone (even in the middle of the night when you think you're the only one up nursing, cleaning a pee soaked bed, or dancing a sleepless baby to sleep, or wondering if you'll ever sleep).


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