Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DIY: How to make SHANTS or JORTS

 This very well, may be...the fastest DIY (Do It Yourself, for those wondering) project, EVER!

What's a person, kid, grama, toddler or baby to do?
You don't want to wear don't want to wear shorts....
it's time to make some SHANTS or JORTS!

Don't think of calling these Capris!
Ha ha could never get a boy, man, or any age guy-teen to wear anything called a Capri. And I first heard them called "shants"...years ago by one of the sweetest guy friends, Joel (who's now in Heaven) who had cut his baggy silver, metallic pants into shants. And I loved that he called them shants!

You decide:
shorts + pants = SHANTS (my personal fav)
jeans + shorts = JORTS
or like we used:
corduroys + shorts = CORTS
*I personally like Fiskars fabric scissors
 any pair of jeans, corduroys, any kind of pants, really.
*this is a great way to get some extra bang out of a pair of kids pants that are getting to short, just turn em into jorts or corts or shants!

*decide the perfect length, anywhere right below the knee
*I just eyeballed it and cut the pants without marking...but I like winging it like that.  If you want to be more precise, you can use a ruler to make a perfectly straight line, marking it with white eyeliner and then cutting.
(Blaker showing off his new custom pair of SHANT-JORT-CORTS, he went and put his studded belt on himself, shoes- his checker Vans)
......and BOOM BAP POW!!! You have SHANTS (or JORTS or CORTS)....
from old corduroys that were getting a little too short, kinda like floods (pants that the bottoms wouldn't get wet if it were to flood because they are so high above the ground) to awesome, stylin' new SHANTS!

I shan't wear shorts, I shall only wear shants!
running with scissors and lots of love...kandee


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