Saturday, August 13, 2011

my dirty laundry

...looks a little something like this...
well, at least the "dark and denim" pile looked like this...

things I like about doing laundry:
1. hmmmm
2. besides the fact that we'll have clean clothes...ummmm
3. I like how laundry soap smells
4. That I have my own washer and dryer in the house: once I lived in these apartments and when I walked into the    laundry room to do laundry I saw 2 little boys peeing in the dryers!!!
And another time,...someone had taken my clean laundry out of the washer and just set it on the ground to put their clothes in!

things I do NOT like about doing laundry:
1. sorting the clothes
2. hauling dirty clothes to washroom
3. folding the clothes when they are dry
4. hanging up clothes that can't go in the dryer
5. matching socks...there's always a  straggler
6. hanging the clothes up
7. and the fact that with all the kids I have....I am always doing laundry (I have no clue how that 19 and Counting, family does all their laundry)

New detergent I'm testing out: Cheer (we'll see how cheery it makes my clothes)

ahhh the soothing sound of the dryer is lulling me to sleep as I type..."stop it dryer, I gotta stay awake and do lots more laundry...I need to wear clean jammies!"

ahhhh, the sweet smell of freshly laundered sheets... kandee the laundry lady


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